Macron calls for a “smart compromise” in immigration laws

On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron, facing a political crisis in the wake of the main legislation’s rejection in parliament, called for a “intelligent compromise” over a contentious immigration law.

Macron calls for a "smart compromise" in immigration laws
Macron calls for a “smart compromise” in immigration laws

In an unexpected move on Monday, opposition lawmakers banded together in the lower house of the French parliament to reject the legislation intended to tighten French immigration laws without even considering the proposals.

In an attempt to save the legislation, the government—which lacks a majority in parliament—has been engaged in heated negotiations with the right-wing opposition.

“I support pragmatism and results,” Macron declared while in Brussels.

He demanded that “the general interest” be served by a “intelligent compromise.”

“Our country needs to improve its rules to better fight against illegal immigration, traffickers, against those who take advantage of the world’s misery and who weaken our system by putting too much pressure on it,” he stated.

To try to hammer out a compromise language, a mixed parliamentary commission made up of lower house legislators and senators is scheduled to convene on Monday.

Macron expressed his desire to avoid invoking article 49.3 of the constitution, which permits the government to enact laws without a vote, as was the case with the controversial pension reforms that were passed earlier this year.

“It would not be serious to subject a sensitive text to article 49.3 when the opposition has done everything to ensure there is no debate,” Macron stated.

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