After being detained for stealing bitter kola and other commodities, two armed robbers accused their actions on the devil and begged for forgiveness. According to, the suspects, Onyenachiya and Chigbo, stole money, phones, ATM cards, and packets of bitter kola from an unidentified woman. According to reports, the bandits […]

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has lost 525 of its skilled personnel and profession­als to brain drain within the last 12 months, the Di­rector-General, Dr Patrick Kuma Aboagye, has revealed. To this end, he said the service had put in place a number of measures to mitigate the impact of […]

According to research by Hisham Mehanna, professor at the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, oral s3x is currently the main risk factor for throat cancer. Oropharyngeal cancer is 8.5 times more common among oral s3x partners than in non-oral sex partners, according to a study that […]