How to answer Tell Me About Yourself when conducting an interview

This is an icebreaker question that the interviewer will use to get to know you better and to find out why you are a good “fit” for the programme and the college.

How to answer Tell Me About Yourself  when conducting an interview
How to answer Tell Me About Yourself when conducting an interview

Here are the key considerations you need to make in order to pace your interview appropriately when asked to “tell me about yourself.”

Your goal should be to provide a succinct and brief overview of your educational history, interests, passions, and long-term objectives while responding to this question.
Adapt your response to the university and programme you intend to enrol in. If you wish to study bioinformatics, for instance, mention your love of developing computational drug discovery models and your want to pursue a career in research.
The response should be organised using the tried-and-true “Past-Present-Future” approach.

Here are some samples that can help you prepare a response to the “tell me about yourself” interview question in addition to general principles and approaches. 3ws

Best Response: Tell Me About Yourself

Here is an example of a solid “tell me about yourself” response for freshmen, keeping the aforementioned advice in mind:

“My name is _____, and I enjoy learning about human physiology and biology. Because both of my parents are doctors, I have always been interested in studying biology, and our conversations have helped me learn more about the medical field.

During high school, I volunteered at my parents’ hospital and served as the club’s co-leader. I learned how to communicate with patients and hospital officials thanks to all of this practical experience. Excellent leadership abilities, problem-solving abilities, and taking the initiative to work are some of my assets.

My objective is to finish my human physiology major and support cancer research. Following graduation, I want to work in research.

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