How to create a perfect CV to fit the job market

Recruiters in search of their next executive-level candidate have high expectations. They are looking for someone who can make an impact and add real value to the business. With that in mind, you need to successfully prove that you’ve got what it takes.

Your CV is your first opportunity to impress them, so an entry-level application won’t cut it.

As you enter the executive job market, your CV needs to reflect not only your skills and experience but also your expertise and achievements.

How to create a perfect CV to fit the job market
How to create a perfect CV to fit the job market

Here are five key enhancements you can make to your CV to help you navigate the executive job market and secure your next exciting role.

Level up your skills

It’s time to go through your CV and remove entry-level skills and cliché phrases that no longer add value to your executive application.

Recruiters will assume that you have the basic skills as you’re applying for a more senior role, so don’t waste pressure space on simple transferable skills. Instead, emphasise core competencies that reinforce your suitability for an executive position.

For example, skills like team leadership, strategic planning, change management, decision-making and business development.

Of course, you should also do your best to match your executive skills to those listed on the job description as this will enable the recruiter to quickly determine that you’re a good match for the job.

Communicate your unique value

Before you begin writing your CV, take some time to think about what makes you stand out from other candidates; what you would consider your unique selling point (USP)? Once you know what it is that makes you special, you can market yourself more effectively on your application.

This enables you to build your personal brand and through keywords, facts and figures, you can communicate your unique value.

Start doing this right away in your personal profile, outline the experience or achievements that are most impressive. You can then build on this in your employment history.

Identifying your USP and focusing on this throughout can help you to stand out in a competitive job market and prove your executive-level competencies.

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