Is an MBA Worth It? What To Know And How To Acquire An MBA

Advantages of an MBA for a CEO Successful CEOs Without MBA Continuing Education For Leaders Is an MBA Right For You? Path to Business Leadership

Executives already have experience in leadership and operations, but an MBA could still enhance their careers. Explore information on pursuing an MBA in a leadership role.

Is an MBA Worth It? What To Know And How To Acquire An MBA
Is an MBA Worth It? What To Know And How To Acquire An MBA

A master of business administration (MBA) develops advanced skills like organizational behavior and financial management for leadership positions. Still, an MBA is not required to lead a business. In fact, less than half of Fortune 500 CEOs hold this degree.

Among some experts, opinions are split on whether an MBA helps or harms leaders. Specifically, critics believe the MBA can create self-serving leaders without the personal touch necessary for respected, down-to-earth figureheads.

For example, Harvard Business Review reported findings from researchers at HEC Montreal and the University of Rhode Island suggesting that CEOs with MBAs were not necessarily more effective leaders than CEOs without MBAs. MBA graduates tended to place their needs ahead of their subordinates’, like increased executive pay and borderline impulsive expansions to increase revenue quickly.

So, is an MBA worth it?

It could be. Explore the pros and cons of an MBA for business leadership with this in-depth guide.

The Advantages of an MBA for a CEO

Some people are natural leaders, and even those with innate leadership skills do not inherently know all facets of business. An MBA offers value by filling in the gaps with courses in strategic thinking, financial literacy, effective leadership, and business ethics.

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