What is the Home Loan Approval Process And How Does Work In Australia?

Each homebuyer’s wait period for financing approval is unique and mostly based on their unique situation. The speed at which your loan is approved depends on a number of factors, including the accuracy and completeness of your supporting documentation and the lender’s overall performance.

Our top priority at Odin Mortgage is to expedite the approval process for your home loan. Our committed team of brokers works directly with both you and the lender to guarantee a quick and easy loan approval process, bringing you one step closer to opening the door to your new house in no time at all.

What is the Home Loan Approval Process?

The home loan approval process takes you from your first inquiry with Odin Mortgage through to receiving your new keys!

Here are 7 steps you can expect from your home loan approval process.

  1. Inquire about the Available Home Loan Options

Submit a call request from Odin Mortgage and begin your journey to homeownership! We are the leading Australian mortgage service provider for Expats and foreign nationals and will take care of the entire process!

Let us know what you are hoping to achieve and we will tell you what documents you need to provide. Are you an Australian citizen or a permanent resident hoping to buy a property back home in Oz? Or, are you a foreign national wanting to invest Downunder?

Use our online services to discover how much you could borrow and calculate the monthly repayments that you will need to pay for your Australian home loan!

What is the Home Loan Approval Process And How Does Work In Australia?
What is the Home Loan Approval Process And How Does Work In Australia?
  1. Get Pre-approval from the Lender

Once you are up to speed with our service and what a lender could offer you, we will aim to secure you a home loan pre-approval.

Your pre-approval will confirm the amount of cash you can borrow for your home loan purchase and detail the repayments. This will provide you with the guidance you need to search for your dream Aussie property!

Odin Mortgage will provide you with a pre-approval quickly and easily and will last around three months. You will need to seek another pre-approval after this time if you have not moved forward with your home loan application.

The pre-approval stage is not always necessary but it saves you so much time later in the home loan approval process! You will move on to the next stage of the process much quicker if you have secured a pre-approval first.

  1. Complete the Application with the Lender

We will present you with a variety of home loan deals and different lenders for you to choose from before making an official application. We will help you choose the best home loan deal and assess any additional features such as an offset account or redraw facilities.

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