Do You Know What Does a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Do?

An attorney that focuses on claims involving bicycle accidents is known as a bicycle accident lawyer. Accidents involving bicycles are covered under personal injury legislation. Bicycle accidents may cause a great deal of catastrophic injuries, including fatalities, especially when cars are involved.

The incidence of bicycle accidents has grown as more people opt to go by bicycle rather than by car. Despite the slower speed of a bicycle compared to other moving vehicles, the relative lack of protection that a bicycle rider has can make a bicycle accident more risky and lead to more catastrophic injuries.

A bicycle accident can be caused in a number of ways. A motorized vehicle may run into a cyclist while on the road, or a pedestrian may force a cyclist into oncoming traffic in order to avoid them.

A bicycle accident may also result when an individual rides on a property that where a dangerous condition exists, such as a hidden pothole on a paved bicycle path in a park. In some cases, locations that are maintained by a city or municipality may be liable for dangerous conditions that are not repaired.

Do You Know What Does a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Do?
Do You Know What Does a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Do?

The statistics related to bicycle accidents can be alarming. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Center for Disease Control, and the National Safety Council provide the following statistics:

– There were 677 bicycle accidents in 2011 that resulted in fatalities;

– 69% happened in urban areas;

– 30% happened between 4 pm and 8 pm, the peak time for individuals commuting between home and work, including many bicycle riders;

– Male teenagers suffered the highest rate of accidents for the year with 6,000 bicycle accident-related injuries in 2011;

– In 2010, there were approximately 515,000 visits to the emergency room related to bicycle accidents;

– The cumulative cost of deaths and injuries of cyclists exceeds $4 billion per year;

– In 2012, the most frequent cause of bicycle accidents was cars hitting bicycles.

Why is it Important to Have a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

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