Tips on how to build a long lasting relationship with customers

 Business sustainability is heavily hinged on building longstanding relationships with clients. This can be achieved by upselling and cross-selling. Given the competitiveness of business, new customer acquisition can be tough, so repeat business from already paying customers should be the goal.

The process of getting new clients daily, weekly and monthly is tough. You are quickly going to burn out and beg for your 9-to-5 if you do not have a strategy. I know this because I have been there. The way to avoid that is by building long-term relationships with customers and clients and through cross-selling and upselling to them so that you can make more money from each client.

Tips on how to build a long lasting relationship with customers
Tips on how to build a long lasting relationship with customers

Customer excellence should be ingrained in the DNA of your business because while people can copy your products and services at the speed of light, it’s much harder for them to replicate your customer service.

Customer service is all about how you make your customers feel. A huge percentage of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals because we take customer service management at ReDahlia seriously. We go above and beyond to provide that “wow” factor to clients.

Because we excel in this area, we can confidently upsell and cross-sell to clients. So before you think about upselling and cross-selling, ensure that your customer service management is airtight.


This is a strategy to sell a more expensive version of a similar product or service to your client. For example, Client X subscribes to the open floor plan of our workspace business, which costs N50,000 per month and can be offered a private office plan that costs N150,000 as the team expands. The upgraded plan is an executive office with perks that include boardrooms and privacy for meetings. For Client X, this boosts the company profile and translates to more business while for us, more revenue accrues from an already paying client. Everybody wins.


This is a strategy to sell products and services related to each other. This is what we do for companies that register their businesses through us and then go on to purchase the compliance services, branding asset package and email set-up package; enroll in business training; subscribe to ReDahlia Workspaces; and buy advertising slots on As a company, we are able to meet varied business needs through our diverse offerings.

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