How impulse buying empowers E-commerce business

If you want to build a highly profitable e-commerce company, you must learn how to find and convert impulse buyers.

Global e-commerce sales are projected to reach $6.3 trillion this year, up from $5.8 trillion in 2023, and a variety of credible sources note that impulse purchases account for a significant portion of all online sales, ranging from 40-80%.

How impulse buying empowers E-commerce business
How impulse buying empowers E-commerce business

Why Impulse Shoppers Matter In E-Commerce

Impulse shoppers make up a large portion of e-commerce buyers. They are often brought into an e-commerce ecosystem through a targeted ad. Then, at checkout, these same shoppers are often enticed to make unplanned additional purchases through upsells and cross-promotions. Impulse buyers deliver higher average order values through their increased basket sizes. All of this sharply increases the profit margins for e-commerce companies.

When e-commerce companies effectively target impulse buyers, they can increase customer engagement and retention, lower customer acquisition costs and gain a competitive advantage over competitors who fail to target these key buyers properly.

A database full of impulse buyers allows businesses to create targeted email and ad campaigns for previous customers who are likely to result in higher conversion rates.

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