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The 16-year-old wealthy child’s birthday celebration was documented in photos that went viral.


Suad, a 16-year-old girl who trended on social media after video of her extravagant birthday party went viral, is a mystery, but some of her images have made their way there.

Suad celebrated her 16th birthday party on Sunday October 23, 2022 


Aboagye Clothing GH, a Ghanaian designer who made all of the actress’s costumes for the occasion, uploaded a few breathtaking photos on Instagram.

Suad was photographed wearing five distinct looks that were tailored to fit her plus-size body, accentuate her curves, and exude elegance.

She wore a variety of vibrant outfits, mostly made of well-fitting laced and satin fabrics.

In some of the photos, Suad’s plus-size frame did not get in the way of her effortlessly rocking “waist tightening” corset outfits.

The adorable birthday that went viral on social media

It was an amusing sight to see Suad’s 16th birthday celebration, which her parents had planned, become the talk of the town.

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