Tamiga & 2Bad – Forever

Tamiga & 2Bad filmed in the city where Dracula was born.
Vlad Tepes (Vlad III Dracul, son of Vlad II Dracul*) was born in the winter of 1431 (December 7th – Saggitarius) in Sighisoara.

Tamiga & 2Bad - Forever
Tamiga & 2Bad – Forever

At those times the town was under Hungarian rule.
So on every street we can see signs suggesting to the tourists that this is the place where Dracula was born.
There is even a sign leading to what is claimed to be the room where he was born.
But don’t be very naïve, there isn’t strong evidence where exactly that dreadful ruler started his life.
Most probably Dracula had not been a vampire ( nobody knows ) but what he had done was far scarier than the vampire stories.
Probably this is the reason Bram Stoker used him as a character in his book Dracula.

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