NADMO is a pointless organization, according to #AkosomboDamSpillage — Afaglo

The National Disaster Management body (NADMO) has been dubbed a “frivolous organization” by a National Democratic Congress (NDC) member from Keta South District and the Chief Executive Officer of Marrer Ghana Limited, Susatgad Boat Building and Fishing Industry, Novihoho Afaglo.

NADMO is a pointless organization, according to #AkosomboDamSpillage — Afaglo
NADMO is a pointless organization, according to #AkosomboDamSpillage — Afaglo

His responses follow the overflow of the Akosombo Dam, which has caused flooding that has devastated crops, homes, and other assets worth thousands of Ghana cedis in various towns along the banks of the Volta River.

Numerous communities in more than seven districts in the Greater Accra, Eastern, and Volta regions have been devastated by the floods brought on by the Akosombo Dam spilling excess water, and some people have also lost their lives.

NADMO provided relief supplies to the flood victims in the impacted districts after the disaster.

Toiletries, packets of sugar and rice, plastic buckets with bowls, mattresses, and water are a few of the goods on the list.


Afaglo, who added his voice to the outcry, stated that the Volta Region’s citizens had experienced a major calamity caused by dihydrogen monoxide that had destroyed their homes and claimed several lives. He further stated that all NADMO could do was provide the sufferers with frivolous rice and oil while oblivious to the fact that the locals required shelter.

In a press release, Afaglo stated, “This ingredient for them to chew the raw rice and after drink the oil since the Region is the stronghold of the NDC.”

NADMO distributing relief items to flood victims (File photo)

In the meantime, the Volta River Authority (VRA) has issued a warning that if the Akosombo Dam breaches its operational level, nothing will be done to save Ghanaians.

The Akosombo Dam was now getting nearly 200 percent more water in October of this year than it did in October of previous years, according to the Authority.


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