Kwame Antwi-Frempong asserts that Ghanaian software developers can compete on a global scale.


Kwame Antwi-Frempong, the chief executive officer of Aspire Business Network, has given advice to small businesses in Ghana, particularly IT companies, on how to remain competitive internationally.

 kwame Antwi-Frempong

He lamented how Ghanaians are losing lucrative contracts to their peers in India, Bangladesh, and Iran due to their human relations approaches in a Linkedin article published on October 16, 2022.

He stated, “We frequently discover HIGH-quality services at MODERATE prices in India, Bangladesh, Iran, and other areas in Asia… than Ghana.” He bemoaned the fact that expensive prices are turning away important clients. Based on his extensive expertise dealing with Ghanaian website and app developers, he shared his own experience with this issue.

He also discussed the appalling level of customer support provided by Ghanaian website and app developers.

He wrote in the same thread, “I’ll give you an example! We hired a man from Ghana to update our website, and it took us around 3 weeks to do it. He claimed that he was first at a funeral. Later, he informed us that he was in an area without internet. Then he said, “There wasn’t any power for about 3 days.” When working with Asian developers, he said, he had never encountered these justifications.

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