KNUST bans any public gatherings after the Conti-Katanga altercation

This comes after Thursday’s scuffles between University Hall and Unity Hall inhabitants.
The declaration was made in the midst of a significant police presence on campus following the disturbance that resulted in 12 injuries and damage to three automobiles.
The most recent development came as a result of a decision made by the University’s Executive Committee as part of a move to support investigations into the assault.

In a press statement detailing the outcome of the emergency meeting, KNUST Registrar Andrews Kwasi Boateng explained that any event that will require the massing up of students is banned until further notice.

Additionally, security checks of persons and vehicles entering and exiting the campus may be carried out at random.

KNUST’s transport department has also been directed to assess all vehicles damaged by the violence and “make appropriate recommendations for repairs.”

Meanwhile, the police say it is in the process of securing CCTV footage of the clashes and will peruse it accordingly to bring the perpetrators to book.

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