It doesn’t surprise me. Not only is Funny Face broke, but so am I. – Pascaline Edwards (VIDEO)

Social media users have responded to the post in a variety of ways; some have criticized Funny Face for eating his cake and demanding its return. Actress Pascaline Edwards, a coworker of mine, has an alternative viewpoint on the topic.

Pascaline Edwards revealed in an exclusive interview with that she is also really poor; hence, she does not find it surprising that Funny Face is experiencing financial difficulties.

“You know, Funny Face’s situation is risky; therefore, I’m not shocked that Funny Face is broke. The man has experienced extreme hardships. How come he won’t be broke? He’s attempting to gather the fragments. Thus, no, I wouldn’t be shocked,” she remarked.

“I’m not surprised at all that he’s broke; even I am,” she went on. anyhow, since I’m not saying it. People seem to think that even if I’m broke, I’m okay. Thus, if you can assist me, please do so.”

The actress said, “He is broke, and I am broke. He just starred in a new ‘Evor’ film directed by Sitsofe Tsikor, which opens at the Silverbird Cinema on March 6.” Who will then assist him?

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