Here’s why Afua Asantewaa Aduonum is paying GHC 7,792 to Guinness World Records.

Afua Asantewaa Aduonum finished her singing marathon last Thursday, having begun it on December 24, 2023, for 126 hours and 52 minutes. Her goal was to surpass the 11-year-old Guinness World Record set by the Indian, Sunil Waghmare.


Many Ghanaians are eager for Guinness World Records to either disqualify her or name her the new Sing-A-Thon world champion in light of her incredible achievement.

But regrettably, unless Afua Aduonum pays GHC 7,792 to Guinness World Records for Priority Evidence Review, we will all have to wait for at least 13 weeks.

After finishing the record attempt and submitting your supporting documentation, you can get our Priority Evidence Review service. They say, “You will bypass the line and learn the result of your record attempt sooner.”

For current titles, applicants would need to pay £350, $650, or €440 GHC 7,792 (with VAT if applicable) for the Priority Evidence Review service.

“It’s quick: Your evidence will be reviewed in five working days (instead of the customary twelve weeks) after we receive it all,” they continued.


“If you can’t wait 12 weeks to find out if you are Officially Amazing, it’s worth it,” they continued.

Many thought Aduonum was making a joke when she first declared her intention to break the record for the longest singing marathon held by an individual.

However, when the endeavor gained traction and the word spread via conventional and social media, interest in it increased, drawing a large crowd to the Akwaaba Village venue in Accra.


Guinness World Records reveals when it'll either disqualify or announce Afua Aduonum as the new singathon record holder

Aduonum’s 126 hours, is aimed to break the record set by Waghmare in 2012. Waghmare sang for 105 hours.

Aduonum’s medical support team urged her to terminate her endeavor around 7:00 am on December 29, 2023, as they were concerned about the amount of stress her body could withstand. She had planned to continue until noon on December 24 in Accra.

Although her supporters are hopeful that she will break the record because she sung for many hours longer than the existing record, the Guinness World Records review team is the only one who can make that determination after she submits her effort.

The organization has complex guidelines for submitting attempts, and applicants must closely abide by the criteria; rejection could occur if the step-by-step submission process is not followed.

Additionally, regular evaluations take 12 weeks to complete, according to Guinness World Records. However, applicants can elect for priority review, which is charged for and completes in five working days.

Afua disclosed yesterday night in an interview on UTV that she has not yet turned in her attempt since her team is still compiling the proof.

Hopefully, the attempt will be submitted by her and her team the following week, using a regular submission format.

After receiving the attempt, it would take an additional 12 weeks for Guinness World Records to make a determination.

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Here's why Afua Asantewaa Aduonum is paying GHC 7,792 to Guinness World Records.
Here’s why Afua Asantewaa Aduonum is paying GHC 7,792 to Guinness World Records.

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