I will be more accountable than Mahama when elected– Bawumia

However, he emphasised that this commitment to accountability was not shared by the former President, who is aiming for a single term, implying a lack of accountability to Ghanaians.

“I also believe that if you make me a president, I will be more accountable to you because I will be looking for an 8-year term. An 8-year term means that you are first going to give me a 4-year term, this means I have to work very hard to justify why you have to give me another four years.

“So, I will be more accountable. I will come back to you and say this is what I have been able to do and then you can renew my license and I will drive the vehicle, so we go forward.”

“I believe that my main opponent is only looking for a four-year term, which means immediately you give it to him, and he goes on his honeymoon, and he comes back you will not see him again. There will be no accountability but for me, you will get accountability,” he stated.

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