I don’t like how we are treating God’s kingdom – Kwabena Kwabena

Popular highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena has admitted that he no longer goes to church because of what he calls the “inappropriate behavior” of some gospel musicians.

I don’t like how we are treating God’s kingdom – Kwabena Kwabena

He claims that these gospel musicians have started investigating and acquiring materialistic items, placing financial gain above reverence for God’s temple.

According to Kwabena Kwabena, money should be considered a result of creativity rather than the primary emphasis of music, which should instead be the craft itself.

“Recently, I saw something that gospel musicians have started doing, and it saddens me. It’s very sad… Because I write gospel music and I know what gospel music is supposed to do, I became very sad that gospel musicians have actually started touring on worldly things,” he observed.

He lamented the fact that some gospel performers are now touring for “worldly things” as opposed to merely promoting the gospel.

In addition, he questioned the unsuitable attire of churchgoers, saying that while everyone has the right to wear whatever they choose, they should still dress modestly and adequately for church.

Kwabena Kwabena questioned why certain pastors have not condemned these impermissible practices that are destroying God’s house.


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