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How Nigerian cop joined to Lagos High Court did multi-million Naira visa misrepresentation


“While we were working in Dubai and he later contacted us namely, Akeem Ademola Lamidi, Olowilayemo John Dele and Hassan Olayode Gafar and informed us that he was a visa agent despite he was still serving in the Nigerian Police under IGP and that he uses the position to get visas for people and believed him, having shown us ID card as police officer and pictures he snapped with senior police officers including IGP.

“In 2018, we contacted and told him our intention to travel to Canada and he promised us that he has been procuring Canada visas for people and asked us to pay over five million naira (N5,000,000) which we did and returned to Nigeria to collect the visas to travel to Canada.

“He made us to make full payment before he handed us any visa and we went to the airport to travel and it was discovered that it was fake visas which he admitted and promised to refund the money.

“Since then, he has not refunded the money nor given us any visa, rather, he kept on threatening us, boasting that he is IGP boy and if we dare ask him about the money, he would arrest us and send us to prison or eliminate us.

“The two other parties who made payment are after me demanding money because I was the one who introduced Molik to them. He meant the threats because he has made efforts to arrest us and we managed to escape and went into hiding.

“Meanwhile, this police officer Mr. Molik B. Sulaiman seized and refused to return our passports for us to be able to return back to our place of working country Dubai, UAE” till our companies terminated our jobs and our residence permits after waiting for more than four (4) months for us to come back to our work.”

The victims said that the matter has been reported to the Lagos Commissioner of Police who promised to look into it.

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