A former MP counsels Bawumia, saying, “Be serious; don’t campaign like you’re running for SRC elections.”

In the run-up to the next general elections, Timothy Ataboadey Awontirim, the former Member of Parliament for the Builsa North seat, has expressed his misgivings over the New Patriotic Party’s flagbearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

A former MP counsels Bawumia, saying, "Be serious; don't campaign like you're running for SRC elections."

Mr. Awontirim lambasted Dr. Bawumia for using his focus on addressing energy issues as a campaign opener and accused him of not taking the elections seriously during an interview with Joy Prime’s Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning.

“You’ve got a rough start if you’re still talking about the ‘dumsor’ economy today. This year’s elections will be decided by policies, he stressed.

Mr. Awontirim drew attention to alleged shortcomings in the NPP’s general messaging, policy clarity, and communication. In order to engage with a larger audience and guarantee the party’s electoral victory, he emphasized the significance of adopting a more concentrated and inclusive strategy.

“It’s elementary; Ghanaians have transcended the ‘Dumsor’ economy.” Bawumia needs to be a legitimate contender. It is not part of Bawumia’s policy to criticize John Mahama; instead, she should take the people of Ghana seriously,” he said.

Mr. Awontirim expressed doubts about Dr. Bawumia’s capacity to lead at the highest level and brought up issues with decision-making and the execution of policies when Bawumia was in office. He asked the flagbearer to give thorough justifications for his candidacy for president.

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