5 s3xual positions to ensure orgasms

The goal of s3x is pleasure, and the only thing more pleasurable than mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms is childbirth.

5 s3xual positions to ensure orgasms
5 s3xual positions to ensure orgasms


The couple shouldn’t, however, be incapable of initiating orgasms, like tiny mice scurrying up and down the bed.

Knowing the right position is all that stands between you and an orgasm. Here are five postures that have been proven effective:

For females:

  1. The CAT role, to start

This is an acronym for the more better word “Coital Adjusted Technique,” not a real cat-like pose.

With this method, sufficient coital stimulation results in maximal fulfillment.

The clitoris is stimulated rather than penetrated by the penis, and the friction that results will soon result in an orgasm.


2. The position of pinner

For women who have never orgasmed before, this job is a given. The male uses this method to secure her to the bed.

He enters through her back as she is on her back. While all of this is happening, many women play with their clitoris.

3. The seasoned missionary

For a reason, the missionary position is a classic. Face-to-face communication builds intimacy and trust.

However, elevating her pelvis by placing a pillow at your back enhances penetration.

for males

Surprise! Surprise! Some guys struggle with ejaculation and must work at it for hours. Here’s how they can squirm more quickly:

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