4 foreplay tips to drive men wild

When it comes to emotions, men are the most underappreciated. While it is true that males experience stronger s3xual cravings than women do, it is far from true that men have no other desires.

4 foreplay tips to drive men wild
4 foreplay tips to drive men wild


Men and women are equally dependable when it comes to relationships, partnerships, and family oriented.

Here are some foreplay suggestions that will drive your boyfriend crazy if you want to spoil him and make him have a fantastic time in bed:

1. Offensive texts

Start with lewd texts if you want to make him physically irrational. Sexting energizes them like nothing else can, and they continue to do so throughout the day. Send pornographic texts and images. Go wild; begin with a simple item. When he is finished with work and on his way home, he will be ablaze with love for you.

2. Laugh at him

Men subconsciously enjoy it when women can make them practically beg in bed. Since the texts have already made them irrationally jealous, why would they not be? Tease him and make him crazy to match that and keep the game going. Don’t give in to his demands so easily. Allow yourself to cave, but wait until you have time to reflect.


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