Son of Jackie Appiah displays money

For the first time ever, Jackie Appiah’s son posted a photo of himself with his entire face visible on Instagram.

Son of Jackie Appiah displays money
Son of Jackie Appiah displays money

If you browse through his Instagram page, you’ll see that whenever he snaps photos, he deliberately positions himself in a certain manner to keep his face hidden from the camera.

According to what we know, Jackie Appiah, a renowned Ghanaian actress, is the mother of Damien Agyemang.

On the dining table in these contemporary photos were laid stacks of bills on a golden ceramic plate, along with other chic plates and glasses.

Additionally, he flaunted his personal security guard, who always follows and guards him when he leaves the house.

Women are raving about these recent images of Damien. In the comments section of the lovely pictures, some people have even proposed marriage to him.

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