Reggie Zippy sobs, “I haven’t seen or spoken to my own children in almost a year.”

Reggie Zippy, a singer from Ghana, has expressed regret over not being able to visit his children for nearly a year.

Reggie Zippy and his family

The musician talked about how he was ignored and couldn’t connect or communicate with his children in an Instagram post.

He claims that he has exhausted all other options in an attempt to communicate with his children, but nothing has seemed to work.

“This year, as a man and a father, I haven’t been able to communicate with my kids, and I can’t help but wonder what I did wrong. I’ve done everything else—literally—just to talk to my kids, and it seems like nothing is getting through. What transgression have I committed? I’m not a transgressor. He remarked, “I’ve raised these kids for 16 years.”

Reggie Zippy and his family

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