Crypto Currency  markets are being shaken after a well known symbolic lost the vast majority of its worth, hauling down a purported “stablecoin” with it. The Terra Luna token tumbled from a high of $118 (£96), keep going month, to $0.09 on Thursday.   The breakdown meaningfully affected a connected […]


Did you had any idea about that a few individuals from Parliament were once rehearsing attorneys before they challenge for parliamentary seats? While some of them are as yet rehearsing, others have accomplished the situation with attorneys during their time of training in regulation.   Ghanaweb gathers a rundown of […]

E-Levy is a significant assessment handle in the 2022 financial plan proclamation by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta     Adwoa was in a local shop to purchase a couple of food, she met two others in the shop, they were there for some Mobile Money (Momo) exchanges. Adwoa zeroed in […]

8 food varieties The pretty and most excellent lips will add additional magnificence to your grin. Lips are delicate. Evolving climate, or unfortunate stomach will in general influence them and make the lips pigmented, dry. While there are numerous restorative organizations that emerge with a wide range of shades to […]

Innumerable celebs and ladies have finished plastic medical procedure to amplify their butt, in light of the fact that, after some time, being an exceptionally appealing type of beauty has been thought of. Lady with big butt With so many mainstream society references advancing toward the web about ‘the enormous […]

African dancehall king, Shatta Wale has subtly confirmed the rumours that went viral on the internet weeks ago that he has kickstarted a new romantic affair with our very own Akuapem Polo.   The rumours that Shatta Wale has started dating Akuapem Poloo gained massive recognition on the internet after […]

In nations where age records are hard to confirm, a few footballers go to manufacture their age. Though it is actually the case that player misrepresents their ages, once in a while individuals blame players for age duping deciding on their height.   In African football, explicitly Ghana, players are […]

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