Mummy Dolarz returns with new jab at Big Ivy

Mummy Dollarz

Nigeria’s self-acclaimed rap queen, Mummy Dolarz, has backtracked on her words amid her beef with Ghana’s Big Ivy.

The internet sensation who’s been in an ongoing feud with Big Ivy some days ago promised to not release a reply to Big Ivy’s new track Poison Ivy.

Mummy Dolarz said she would prefer they meet and battle on stage and have a live audience judge rather than engage in a ‘cut-and-paste’ rap battle.

However, in a new move, Mummy Dolarz released a new single on Thursday, August 18.

In the song called ‘Prodigal Daughter’, the Nigerian said she was on a higher level than Big Ivy and offered to teach her like she does a school kid.

This comes nearly two weeks after Big Ivy dropped her song Poison Ivy.

The song, which is a reply to Big Ivy, sees Nigeria’s Mummy Dolarz dish out jabs at not only her opponent.

Lines like “I’m a Ghana woman with power, something you can’t relate to. Shout out to NEPA, you go blackout. This battle you go back out,” has gotten her a lot of applause.

Many netizens appreciate that Big Ivy does not insult or body shame, something they say Mummy Dolarz did in her previous songs.


Again, Big Ivy compared herself to the God MC, Manifest, who is seemingly impressed with her work.

“Mama Naira I am the Kuwait dinar, highest, coming up against me means you go fall, like my first name tiwa, men I’m a savage. When it comes to beef, I be like Shatta you go crawl,” she raps.

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