Kumawood Actor, Otumfour Nana Talks About How Good Is It To Be A Watchman Abroad

Kumawood actor, Nana Boakye Ansah, also known as Otumfour Nana, has talked about the lucrativeness and difficulties of being a security man in the United Kingdom

The actor, who is now in the United Kingdom, shared his experience with security jobs in the UK in an exclusive interview with ZionFelix.

He said there are different types of security jobs in the United Kingdom.

Otumfour Nana indicated that some of these jobs are lucrative.

From dog security, corporate, retail and other security jobs, he stressed that some of these jobs come with good payment.

Just like any job, there might be some kind of difficulties, but the Ghanaian actor said experienced people know how to handle it.

He added that the duration of this type of work can be 12 hours daily and these security men are paid 6,000 to 7,000 pounds monthly while others can receive higher salaries.

After working hard, Otumfour Nana said one becomes stress-free after receiving an alert of payment.

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