If your Girlfriend does these, then she truly loves you genuinely

So many time you only second guess your partner. I mean, it’s hard to really tell if someone loves for real. They can say they love you but is it for real? Like are they really telling the truth? I’m gonna be giving you seven things that women do when they genuinely love you, to enable you at least decipher between someone who’s just there for ulterior motives as apposed to someone who’s really there for relationship and would like to it grow.

So if you are, interested in a article like this, then please by all means keep reading because I’ve got seven tips coming your way right now.

1.She tries to be seen by your friends and family.

If your Girlfriend does these, then she truly loves you genuinely
If your Girlfriend does these, then she truly loves you genuinely

Now there’s nothing like dating a person who is always dodgy, will not want to come home to meet your friends, wants to keep the relationship secret, that should be the like biggest red flag for you. Now there have been times, there was one occasion where I felt quite disrespected when a man asked asked me to be his secret friend. I said to him that I’m nobody’s secret and if he couldn’t display me in a public then there was nothing I want to do with him, and he took offense. I later on found out that he was married and this was definitely not a guy that I was interested in being with in that kind of way. And so am just saying that when someone genuinely loves you, they open up to you, people that matter in their life. And so if you’re with someone who cannot do that I’m telling you it’s a red flag and you need to stay away from this person. If a woman genuinely loves you, she left you into her inner circle.

2.She is ready for many sacrifices to ensure your happiness.

Now love is all about compromise and so when you meet someone who’s not willing to you know playing their part, bed over backwards when it comes it comes to certain things this person may not be as genuine as they want you to be. Yes they’re gonna end up being someone who’s really difficult to be with, live with, because things are gonna always have to go their way, you know, and in this case, her way, to keep the relationship going. So if you meet someone who is not willing to compromise, someone who’s not willing to bed over backwards and accommodate you and do more to make and see you happy, then I’m sorry, but this lady many not be for you. When a when woman genuinely loves you, she’s ready to make many sacrifices for the relationship to work. I mean of course, there are deal breakers for everybody,’ there are things that people would like to compromise on and yet there are many others that wouldn’t . However, I’m not even talking about that. I mean of course if, for instance, you’re into some kinky stuff that she does not enjoy, she has every right to tell you that she will not do it, she will never do it , and so you guys will have to come up with some kind of a compromise. However, I mean apart from those things that are really part of someone ‘s values that you may find a bit difficult to change, most things should be up for debate, up for conversation and you know both of you can agree on what you should and should not do where your relationship is concerned. If she genuinely loves you she will consciously make sacrifices for your happiness.

3.She cared about your loved ones all right.

So it’s not the kind of person who would hear that say your brother, mother, your father, someone really close to you is ill and many not even be bothered about it all, like does not care, will never ask you about it, even when you guys have conversations because she’s so disconnected and is in it for herself. Now when a woman really loves you she actually puts in a lot of effort to make sure that your family and the things that bother you, becomes things that bother her, right and so if you have a woman who does not care, who doesn’t make your worries hers, who does not care about your loved ones, then you may not want to be settling with the woman like that, because it’s always going to be just about her, and her immediate family and everybody else’s that matter to you will have to take the back burner. I’m not saying when you come together as a couple you need to mind everybody else’s business but your own .I’m just saying that if a woman loves you, she really cares about the people in your extended family and how they make you feel or their actions or in action affect you and your relationship.

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