How an ex-NPP MP ‘fooled’ Asiedu Nketia into showing up on Peace FM

How an ex-NPP MP 'fooled' Asiedu Nketia into showing up on Peace FM

Following two years and 90 days of blacklist, an authority of the National Democratic Congress at last showed up on Peace FM’s morning meal show, Kokrokoo.

Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the party talked on the blacklist and addressed some analysis evened out against the party.


General Secretary of NDC, Asiedu Nketia
How an ex-NPP MP ‘fooled’ Asiedu Nketia into showing up on Peace FM


It does, in any case, give the idea that Asiedu Nketia was for need of a superior word ‘fooled’ into expressing on the show.

Asiedu Nketia, who was anywhere nearby of Despite Media experienced gone into the Harmony FM studios to welcome the specialists and host of the Kokrokoo program, Kwame Sefa Kayi.

At the point when he entered the studio, the previous Member of Parliament of Manhyia North, Collins Amankwah hit him with allegations of pietism over his party’s position on the Ghana Card.

“Great General is here. I will fault him somewhat for all that is going on. He held a public interview and told his allies not to participate in the Ghana Card enrollment. As a result of him, we missed cutoff times upon cutoff times. The Ghana Card process began with them in power. They let us know the Ghana Card would be compulsory,” he said.

Subsequent to trading merriments with the host and visitors, Asiedu Nketia then, at that point, looked for consent from Sefa Kayi in the event that he could answer the allegations by Collins Amankwah.

“The NPP generally distorts issues. At the point when the NIA said they planned to do the enrollment without the utilization of the current citizens’ ID card, the NDC went to court. It was during the court cycle that we told our party individuals not to buy into it since we were testing it in court. The court then passed a decision and after the decision, we held a presser encouraging our allies to enroll. So how would you fault us?” he countered.

In the wake of answering charges and clearing up the party’s resistance for the new move by the Electoral Commission to have the Ghana Card as the main source archive for nonstop enrollment, Asiedu Nketia left the show which had Kwesi Pratt, Collins Amankwah and Charles Owusu as specialists.

In May 2020, the Communications Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi gave a question and answer session, reporting the party’s choice to blacklist Kokrokoo.

Sammy Gyamfi, in his articulation, mentioned observable facts of predisposition and uncalled for framing of the visitors by the creation group of the show.

Peruse his assertion underneath


The National Communication Bureau of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) wishes to illuminate every one of its Communicators, Media Monitors, and Officials that the Party enjoys boycotted Harmony (104.3) FM’s morning show (Kokrokoo) powerful today, Wednesday, sixth May 2020.

This choice has been occasioned by the unjustifiable framing framework that the Production Team of that program has persistently foisted on the NDC over various months. In particular, the justification behind this blacklist has to do with the preposterous choice of the Producers and Host of the program to for all time save one (1) of the two (2) openings the party has customarily had on Wednesdays on the show to Mr. Allotey Jacobs, who is in many cases presented by the host of the program as a “Social Commentator with solid leanings to the NDC”, apparently to demonstrate hatred for the NDC.

All endeavors to get the Producers and Host of the program to give us a fair portrayal on the show over the beyond eight (8) months, including a grumbling to the Management of the station for a friendly goal of this, have demonstrated pointless, as the party keeps on being treated with most extreme scorn.

This uncalled for treatment goes against the well established custom of the program, which apportions two (2) spaces each to the NDC and the NPP on Wednesdays and Fridays separately. Despite the fact that we value the creation and publication carefulness of the station to give their foundation to whoever they consider fit, we consider it out of line for the NPP to keep up with their two (2) openings on Fridays while the NDC’s two spaces on Wednesdays are diminished to one (1), to fulfill the impulse of an oppressive Host and his poodle.

In dissent to this glaring negligence for reasonableness by the Host and Production Crew of the program, the National Communication Bureau of the NDC has chosen to stop the situation of party communicators on the “Kokrokoo” show forthwith.

How an ex-NPP MP 'fooled' Asiedu Nketia into showing up on Peace FM
How an ex-NPP MP ‘fooled’ Asiedu Nketia into showing up on Peace FM

All Communicators, Media Monitors, Members, and Officials of the NDC are thus importuned to deny any solicitations and additionally meets from the expressed program until the station tends to our interests and surveys their uncalled for framing framework.


SAMMY GYAMFI (National Communication Officer, NDC)

Watch Johnson Asiedu Nketia in the video beneath:

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