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Ghana’s high food costs will go on for quite a while – Lecturer

Ghana's high food costs will go on for quite a while - Lecturer

Dr Patrick Asuming, a senior speaker at the University of Ghana Business School, has expressed that the costs of food may not diminish at any point in the near future, as Ghana’s expansion will stay high for quite a while.


Dr Patrick Asuming


He said on TV3’s ‘Central issues’ program on Saturday, August 13, that it is a result of difficulties with the collect season.

“The high expansion will remain with us for some time; we as a whole need to acknowledge the most elevated expansion in the locale we are seeing [because] it will accompany us for quite a while.


“Ghanaians should condition their brains that food costs won’t descend any time soon,” Dr Asuming pushed.

Ghana’s Inflation rate for July 2022 was 31.7 percent, the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) declared on Wednesday, August 10.

This is up from the 29.8 percent kept in June.

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