Fella Makafui on Michy’s attack on Medikal: “I felt disappointed.”

The wife of Medikal, Fella Makafui, has spoken her opinions over the recent altercation between Michy and her husband.

Fella Makafui on Michy's attack on Medikal: "I felt disappointed."
Fella Makafui on Michy’s attack on Medikal: “I felt disappointed.”

Shatta Wale’s son’s mother Michy and Medikal got into a furious confrontation in a viral video over the assertion that Shatta Wale still pays their son’s school expenses despite their falling out.

Michy claimed that Medikal had described Shatta Wale as a responsible father, in contrast to her earlier assertions that he had fallen short of expectations.

Fella Makafui acknowledged her disappointment in the situation by saying, “I felt disappointed but it is what it is.”

Fella continued by saying that she wasn’t there when the altercation happened. She stated that they had run into Etty Betty from the television show Yolo while out together, and they had immediately begun posing for photos.


She missed seeing the full thing during this period. When their manager jumped into the car and told them about the altercation, Fella found out about it.

Michy recently criticized Medikal for saying Shatta Wale had covered Majesty’s entire year’s worth of school expenses.

“Do you mean to say they pay Majesty’s fees for an entire year, MDK? What bank account do you deposit the funds into? I’m taking it to you.

To Michy’s accusations, Medikal said, “I was talking about Island,” to which Michy shot out, “You were talking about what? Is the child of Island Wale? Medikal, please be careful when interacting with me.

God bless you, Medikal, who was plainly not in the mood to argue with Michy, said. Respect yourself,” he said, turning to leave.


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