E C G Again

Electricity Company of Ghana Ltd. Ghana


The Electricity of Ghana (E C G) has remove their fuse from the transfomer serving the people’s of Kwaffo-krom at Nsawam Adoagyiri municipality in the Eastern Region..

E C G Again
E C G Again

Kwaffo-krom is a fast growing community situated on Suhum Nsawam highway but Suhum district supply them electricity.

Since last week, there has been a massive light-out in the area without any information from the electricity company.

Report reaching us indicate that, ECG came there to remove their fuse from the transfomer serving the community. We then do our own investigation to find out what is happening.

We called one or two personnel from ECG office and they told us to go and asked the chief in the area.

The next day the chief in the area Berima Duodu Kwao asked the citizens in the area to come and see him in his palace and he tell them that, there has been unusually chancing of cables from the pole and someone tried to change fuse on the transformer so he order the ECG workers to remove their fuse as punishment till he sees who ever went to the transformer.

The sad part was, they were ask to make contribution to be giving to the ECG personnel to come and fix the electricity for them without the concern of the assembly man in the area.

People’s in Kwaffo-krom are pleading to Government to come to their aid immediately to help them solve this issue because they are not safe in the hands of thieves and their business are collapsing too.

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