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Did you know that there’s a proper moment to sip your water?

Drinking water has its proper timing—it’s not always best to wait till you’re thirsty.

Did you know that there's a proper moment to sip your water?
Did you know that there’s a proper moment to sip your water?

Even though water has many health benefits, you shouldn’t drink it all the time.

There are numerous situations where drinking water is ideal, including:

Prior to eating

Thirty minutes before eating, consume a glass of water to help with digestion. Water consumption just before or after a meal should be avoided since it will deplete the digestive juices. Drink water for an hour after eating to aid in the body’s nutrient metabolism.


Prior to menarche

By drinking enough water before and during your period, you can lessen bloating and ease premenstrual discomfort. Dehydration is one of the main causes of cramps or headaches. Increasing their water intake reduced pelvic discomfort, shortens cycles, and decreases the need for painkillers.

When unwell

Water consumption is crucial for healing from illness. Even if you’re not hungry, as soon as you feel unwell, drink a lot of water. Alcohol and coffee-based drinks will simply cause you to become more dehydrated.

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