Dating Delay steers my career up- Amerado reveals

Amerado disclosed that he was already in a committed relationship when the rumours began circulating, causing tension between him and his partner.

Over time, his girlfriend came to terms with the fact that such rumours were inevitable for a mainstream artist like him.

“I enjoyed the hype from people who believed I was dating Delay.

The attention and discussions were entertaining and brought much focus to my work.

Our interactions were purely professional and friendly, but the public’s reaction to our chemistry was something I found amusing and beneficial to my career,” he clarified

During a previous interview, Amerado mentioned that Delay was attracted to him because she genuinely admired him and believed in his potential to succeed in the music industry

Amerado clarified on Berla Mundi’s show on TV3 New Day that Delay supported his career and talent.

He also refuted claims that the rumors were fabricated to boost his popularity.

“It was organic, It was natural. She likes me and she was willing to support my craft. There’s nothing like we did it for likes,

I think it was more than that because Delay hardly opens up to people you get it and me being lucky to be closer to her means she forsaw the future. So I feel like what she did for me goes beyond liking someone and I reciprocated it.” he explained

On how they became friends, Amerado revealed that their friendship blossomed after his interview with the show host.

“I went on the interview and my story touched her heart after that we just became friends. You [Berla] and I could also become friends” he maintained

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