Celebrity cakes at weddings that stunned visitors

It’s shocking to see exactly the way in which far certain famous people will go to have the ideal wedding that society will discuss for a really long time.

Expensive cakes from weddings the made history


While we know that weddings are typically costly, a people of note have taken things to the limit with regards to their wedding cakes.

They can without much of a stretch shell out huge number of cedis on a fabulous service, and many have dropped in excess of 1,000,000 on an extravagant cake.

Over the most recent few years, a few well known individuals have had ravishing weddings and, surprisingly, more stunning wedding cakes.

These cakes are normally the good to beat all, and keeping in mind that a few cakes are ludicrously tall, others are unpredictably beautified, however every one of them are magnificent in their own specific manner.

Here are the absolute most excessive and costly big name wedding cakes that GhanaWeb has seen become the overwhelming focus as of late.

Check whether you can think about how much these famous people spent on their beyond ridiculous wedding cakes.

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