Cedi selling at GH¢10.11 to US Dollar as at August 18

The Cedi traded against the dollar at a mid-speed of 8.0991

Its trade regard against the Pounds Sterling was at a mid-speed of 9.7542
The Euro’s mid-rate stays at 8.2366

File photo of Ghana cedis notes


Note that these rates might be different at a forex department close to you.

Our forex authority rates are given by Afriswap Bureau De Change in Osu, Accra.

On the Interbank forex rates from the Bank of Ghana today, August 18, 2022, the Ghana Cedi is exchanging against the dollar at a purchasing cost of 8.0951 and a selling cost of 8.1031.

When contrasted with the previous exchanging of a purchasing cost of 8.0751 and a selling cost of 8.0831. At a forex department in Accra, the dollar is being purchased at a pace of 9.90 and sold at a pace of 10.11.

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