Bishop Bonegas describes-How BNI, National Security irritated me more than my $1 million land

Bishop Bonegas describes-How BNI, National Security irritated me more than my $1 million land

Cleric Dr Bonegas, the Founder of Great Fire Pentecostal International, after his break from the media for such countless years, has given a record of his battles in battling for his territory.

Bishop Dr Bonegas, Founder of Great Fire Pentecostal International


“I was forced to move my congregation from Darkuman, intense tension. At that point, Oko Vanderpuije was the major of Accra during the NDC period. I went to him a few times to intercede for me, yet he let me know it was a request from a higher place.

“The request was for me to move from the land. The land was given to me by the bosses in light of the fact that my congregation had a participation of around 10,000. We were having the assistance under shades in the park…I went to the Mayor’s home close to the Bank of Ghana to examine the removal issue with him, however he didn’t pay attention to me.

These authorities, who regularly came to his congregation premises in 15 Land Cruisers, battled that there was one more request from above for the Bishop to move.

“At the point when I at last moved to Broadcasting on the Kasoa street, I additionally confronted bunches of terrorizing from the Roads and High Way Ministry, EPA, BNI, National Security, and other people who encompassed my congregation with around 15 Landcruisers. They generally did this while administration was in meeting. Their central goal was that I ought to move from the land, which I purchased for $1million. They baffled me a ton,” he repeated.

The righteous man let the host know that he accepts every one of the difficulties he went through were coordinated by a portion of his partner ministers, who felt compromised by his prosperity.

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