An angry Ghanaian businessman removes his shirt and runs after the judge for giving him a 15-year sentence.

The complainant, according to ASP Haligah, is the owner of MAVOBED Enterprise, which sells baby and children’s accessories and clothing. She runs a sizable store in Okaishie and also has a warehouse behind her store where she maintains the majority of her inventory.

The prosecution said that although the plaintiff typically imported products from China, she occasionally received delivery from her fellow Okaishie traffickers.

According to the prosecutor, Joyce Safowa and Frank

According to the prosecution, Safowaa had been working for the complainant for the previous 13 years as a salesperson in her shop.

The prosecutor claims that Safowaa earned the complainant’s trust and confidence to the point that whenever the complainant traveled to China on business, she trusted Safowaa with the keys to both the warehouse and the store.

The transfer of items from the warehouse to the store is also the responsibility of Safowaa.

According to the prosecution, Obeng persuaded Safowaa to steal from the complainant during the course of their romantic relationship in 2013 so that they might open their own store and engage in the same line of work.

According to this arrangement, Obeng rented a business at Weija to carry out their plan, the prosecution testified to the court.

According to the prosecution, Safowaa stole the products with the help of Obeng and used them to fill their business in Weija since she was in charge of the keys to the complainant’s store and warehouse, making it simple for her to gain access to them.

Anytime the complainant was out from the store, the prosecutor claimed, Safowaa would rapidly pack large quantities of products from the store and warehouse and send them to a head porter only known as B2, who would then deliver them to Obeng in a waiting BMW saloon car at Rawlings Park.

According to the prosecution, Obeng subsequently transports the stolen products to their Weija shop.

The conduct persisted until the two completely stocked their store at Weija and replenished it when they ran out of merchandise.

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