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Well known Facebook force to be reckoned with Abena Magis captured over misrepresentation claims


“All of you know Abena Manokekame; she’s my natural elder sibling and sadly, she is in some difficulty. She was captured in Takoradi over the course of the end of the week since she orders and imports things from China and from different spots for individuals.

Popular Facebook influencer Abena Magis arrested over fraud claims

“Notwithstanding, the individual dealing with the monies and requesting and following was her better half. A large number of you didn’t realize she was hitched. Sadly, (sic) just see her face and know her work so they expect she has their monies and they believe she’s duped them.

“We want to raise GH¢11,000 to take care of the debt holders in any event so she can find her harmony. She really wants more than that since one of the account holders likewise indicted her and she needs to fight that one also,” he made sense of.

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