10 natural ways to postpone your menstrual cycle

These foods can have different effects on different people.

10 natural ways to postpone your menstrual cycle
10 natural ways to postpone your menstrual cycle

Have you ever wished that you could postpone your menstruation by a few days?

Perhaps a big event or trip is approaching, or perhaps you just want a bit more control over your menstrual cycle.

Certain foods are thought to contain natural qualities that could postpone your menstruation, but it’s always better to speak with a healthcare provider before making any significant health changes.

Let’s examine a few of them to see if they can be of any assistance:


This citrus fruit’s well-known acidic qualities may have an impact on your menstrual cycle. If you take lemon juice sometimes, it may help postpone your menstruation.

Vinegar with apple cider

In addition to its many health benefits, frequent small-scale consumption of apple cider vinegar is also believed to postpone periods.



In need of a fast fix? It is thought that gelatin can delay your menstruation by several hours to a day. For optimal results, dissolve it in water and consume it right away.


Apol, a substance found in this herb, is thought to increase menstrual flow. On the other hand, if taken in moderation, it may help postpone your period.


Traditionally, they have been used to delay menstruation. Cook them until they are powdered, then eat them like soup.

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