Tashan Episode 306–310 Update

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Scene 1
Kunj says to Yuvi that send strong goons next time because your current goons told everything easily, your standard is always to use cheap tricks and use shortcuts but you forget that shortcuts take you nowhere and truth always wins thats why my Twinkle supported me infront of everyone today, what are you doing? just cheating her, one day Twinkle will come to me herself because i am not cheater like you, i am original and pure infront of her, you are gonna lose Yuvraj Luhtra, very badly, he leaves.
Kunj is going when he strikes with Twinkle. Twinkle’s books falls down, Twinkle says sorry, Sajna ve plays, Kunj says sorry and thank you for trusting me infront of all today, he picks her books, Twinkle says i did what was right, i always truth’s side and truth is that

we maybe have many misunderstandings but you can never stoop that low, Kunj says thank you for trusting me. Yuvi listens all this and is angry. He rings lecture bell, Kunj says lecture got over so soon? Yuvi comes there and says lecture is over, i will drop you Twinkle, Twinkle glances at Kunj and leaves. Kunj thinks that i know you are melting Twinkle, i am sure one day you will forgive me.
Twinkle says Jassi i know you dont like when i take Rocky’s side but i know he is very respectful person, he can never disrespect anyone, he doesnt deserve to be expelled from college, Yuvi says i thought alot about Rocky, i think i have been very bad with him, i think i misbehaved with him, i wont do it again. Twinkle says thanks for being my best friend, Yuvi says no worries, i am and will always be your bestfriend and your well wisher, Twinkle remembers Yuvi listening his words, he says dont worry you said you are my best friend right? Twinkle says tomorrow is Rocky’s birthday, i want to do something for him nothing really special but something nice, are you sure you are okay with Rocky? he says yes i will help you, Twinkle says thanks, i am happy that i can share anything with you, she leaves. Yuvi says ofcourse my Twinkle can share anything with me, you are mine Twinkle. He calls Pallavi.. he ends call and says i will give shocking surprise to Kunj this birthday.
Its midnight, Twinkle says its 12am, should i wish Kunj birthday? why i am feeling awkward? its late, i will wish tomorrow. Kunj is sitting in his room and says i am sure, you can never forget my birthday, call me please, i am sure you must be contemplating to call me or not, i think i should call her. Kunj calls her, she takes it, he says thanks for answering, she says why i shouldnt pick your call? Kunj says no, by taking my call you proved that space between us is decreasing, Twinkle says why did you call? Kunj says today is my birthday and i wanted you to wish me first, Twinkle says oh your birthday.. happy birthday, i am ending call now, its late, good night, he says good night and ends call. Ishq hua song plays, Twinkle sits near window of her room and is restless. Kunj is roaming in his room and smiles, he is restless too.. ishqy hua.. Ishq hua plays.. Kunj looks at his and Twinkle’s picture and sleeps.
Its morning, Leela sees date and says today is Kunj’s birthday, my daughter must be in trouble, she would want to wish him and dont want to at sametime, i should take her out for shopping, her mind will be diverted, first i should make breakfast for her. Leela comes in kitchen and sees Twinkle there, and asks what are you doing here? Twinkle says you woke up early, Leela says i wake up at this time daily, what are you doing? Twinkle says i am baking cake, i promised friend to make cake for him, Leela says friend? i should taste cake, Twinkle says no Kunj doesnt like to share cake, Leela says oh so Kunj is your that friend? Twinkle says thats why i didnt tell you, i havent taken any decision but i wanted to make him happy today so i thought to bake cake for him, did i do right? Leela says absolutely right, making someone happy on their birthday cant be wrong, God bless you.
Kunj wakes up, someone is showering rose patels on him, he says Twinkle my Sayappa queen what are you doing? he turns to see Pallavi showering flower patels, he says i am sorry, i dont know what i was blabbering in sleep, she says its okay, she leans in on bed and kisses his cheek, she says happy birthday, he looks on. Pallavi cuts cake and asks him to eat, he says i will eat later, Pallavi says i brought it with love thinking that you will start day with eating something sweet, but its okay, its your day, you can do anything but dont deny to go to Guradvarah with me and Usha, Kunj says but.. Family comes there. Cherry, Anand and Usha wishes him, Kunj asks about Babee and Manohar, Cherry says they had some business work, Usha says lets go to Guradvarah, Kunj says i have to go to college now, Pallavi says its your birthday, you should pray to God and listen to your mother, Kunj says okay i will get fresh, he goes. Pallavi messages on phone that we are leaving for Guradvarah.

Scene 2
Kunj comes to Guradvarah and prays.
Twinkle comes to college and searches for Kunj, she says he should have come till now, i have to give him cake and wish him birthday, where is he?
Sarna Family comes to Guradvarah with Pallavi, Pallavi stares Kunj. She sees Yuvi hiding behind pillar and nods at him, he smirks at her. Family prays there, Yuvi is watching them whole time. Kunj says to Usha that i am going to serve poor, he leaves. Yuvi recalls flashback how he gave oil to man and asked him to spill it on floor, he gives him money, fb ends. Kunj serves food to poor. Yuvi is hiding behind pillar and watches as Kunj starts walking down the hallway of Guradvarah, oil is spilled on floor ahead of Kunj. Kunj is about to step on oil but Yuvi’s phone rings. Kunj gets alert listening ringtone and turns to see, Yuvi cuts call and sees Kunj walking ahead. Yuvi says as soon as Kunj step on it, he will fall down and would break his leg, that way he wont be able to go to college and Twinkle and I will get sometime to spend alone with Twinkle. Kunj is about to step on oil but Usha calls him and says i want you to meet guest, Kunj goes back and doesnt step on oil. Yuvi gets Twinkle’s call, Twinkle says Jassi are you sure you dont have problem with Kunj? he says no, Twinkle says then do my work, give cake to Kunj? Yuvi says ofcourse i will give it, she says okay and ends call. Yuvi says this loser Kunj has good lick, my plan failed. Yuvi walks and steps on oil himself and falls down, he hurts himself and says Kunj got saved but i got stuck, he gets up and says this pain was nothing, what pain i am about to give to Kunj Sarna, he is going to regret it.
Scene 1
Yuvi says Kunj will regret the pain i am going to give him, he said that Twinkle trusts him but now i will make Twinkle mistrust him, wait and watch, Yuvraj Luthra is best.
Kunj comes to college, Twinkle passesby him but doesnt see him, they go in opposite direction.
Yuvi is getting ready as Jassi, He keeps knife and petrol bottle in his bag and leaves.
Twinkle says dont know where is Jassi, he is so late. Twinkle is about to strike with Kunj, she says hi, she hides cake bag from him, he sees it and says let me guesss, there is birthday cake in bag which you baked for me, Twinkle says dont get wrong idea, you know i love baking, its your birthday so i made it, that doesnt mean everything is fine between us, Kunj says okay if you have made it with so much love, i mean
for love of baking then make me eat it too as a friend? Twinkle says ofcourse as a friend only.
Twinkle and Kunj sits down in one room. Twinkle light candles, Kunj looks at her, he asks him to cut cake, Sajna ve plays, Kunj blows off candles and cuts cake, Twinkle smiles. Kunj says its weird to cut and eat cake yourself on your birthday, i mean will you feed me? i mean just as a friend, friends can feed cake to each other, Twinkle says yes as friend i can make you eat it. Tere Sang Yara plays, Twinkle takes cake piece, her hand shivers, Kunj holds her hand, she emotionally looks at him, Kunj eats cake from her hands, he takes cake piece and offers to her, she eats it. Kunj says now it felt like it was a special day. Principal comes there and says cake? Kunj says its my birthday, Principal wishes him and says Twinkle i want to discuss about scholarship, come to my cabin, he leaves. Twinkle says happy birthday Kunj, i should leave, she turns to leave but Kunj pulls her arm and brings her closer to him, he says you really wanna go? she says yes, he says really? she doesnt answer, he pins her to wall and says till when you will keep running away from me? Twinkle says let me go, i dont feel anything anything by you coming near. Kunj leans in and touches their noses, he caresses her face, she closes her eyes, he says it doesnt make any difference? she says no i dont feel anything, let me go, Kunj cups her face and is about to kiss her when they listen students running outside college, they leave too.

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Twinkle and Kunj comes out of college. PRECAP,, Yuvi says forgive me Twinkle, i was with you as Jassi to make sure you are okay, i just wanted to protect you but when i listened Kunj’s opinion about you then i thought i was wrong, i was going to come to you to tell you that i was Jassi but before i could talk to you, he beat me like this, Kunj says what rubbish? Yuvi says he is acting like that he doesnt know what he did, i know i deserve this, i can take it but what he did today was wrong, Kunj says he is lying Twinkle, i didnt do anything like that, believe me, Yuvi smirks at him and Kunj Sarna you are clean bowled, Kunj stares him smirking, Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand and says i know i did wrong but what Kunj was wrong too, it was between us but why he wanted to involve? he can run behind but i dont have right to ask forgiveness from you? i dont have that right? what he did to me, Kunj says i dont believe this, you are cheating Twinkle for so many days, you say you are giving her space but acted like Jassi, you were fake and still fake, this blood and wounds are just drama, Twinkle you know Yuvi can stoop low, he must have hurt himself and blaming me so that you hate me, Twinkle you know i cant do this, Twinkle says dont come near me, be away from me, i cant believe you can do this, he says i didnt do it, Twinkle says you knew Jassi was Yuvi? Kunj says yes but.. Twinkle says when you knew Jassi is Yuvi then why did you hide it from me? Kunj says i thought you were happy with him and till he doesnt misbehave with you.. Twinkle says till then you will let your wife roam around with other man, that man whom you hate so much, you have changed in last 5years, if you hadnt changed then you wouldnt have hidden this from me, my Kunj wont hide anything from me, dont know why you have started hiding things from me, Kunj says i thought you wouldnt trust me, Twinkle says and thats why you didnt tell me truth? honesty and trust is important in love otherwise relationship is nothing, i know what Yuvi did was to be with me, he becomes crazy in love, its Yuvraj Luhtra’s style, but you are Kunj Sarna, you are always honest, deal everything with justice but you beat him like this? Rocky thought he was losing so he beat him like this? and still you think that it would make me happy? am i looking happy? Kunj says i didnt do anything, Twinkle says enough, Twinkle asks Yuvi to get up, i will take you medical room, Yuvi says i cant get up, students help Yuvi to get up, Yuvi smirks at Kunj, Kunj says Twinkle he is acting believe me. Twinkle leaves with Yuvi, Kunj is tensed.
Yuvi is getting his wounds dressed in medical room, Kunj says to Twinkle that how can you believe Yuvi? he acts like this, you know him, Yuvi thinks that i have to do something, this Kunj is not sparing Twinkle. Yuvi winces in pain, Twinkle says doctor be careful, someone has beat him brutally. Yuvi tries to get up but slips, Twinkle supports him, Yuvi says Kunj is right, i shouldnt have lied to you but what i could do, i cant live without you, say once that you forgave me, Twinkle says its okay, you did everything to make me smile, you have always been with me either as Yuvi or as Jassi. Kunj says i dont believe this, what has happened to you? he cheated to you, he lied to you as Jassi but you forgave him and you are blaming me that i didnt tell you that i knew Jassi was Yuvi, he is dramaqueen, he always get away with his antice, i will beat him now, he grabs Yuvi but Twinkle pushes him away and says what has happened to you? what i asked you to give me sometime so i can live like old Twinkle Taneja but you couldnt even give me that, i accept that Yuvi became Jassi but he made me laugh, he made me happy, he was always there as friend and what you did? you snatched my friend from me, are you happy to see me alone? Yuvi says you are not alone, till yuvi is with you, nothing will happen to me, its my promise, Twinkle says thank you for always being there. Peon comes and says Principal is angry and is calling Rocky, he says i am coming, Twinkle says sorry Kunj, this time i cant help you, you have created this problem so you handle it, she puts Yuvi’s arm around her shoulder and takes him away from there, Kunj is tensed.

Twinkle is driving car, Yuvi is on pessanger seat, Yuvi says i did all this because you are my everything, Twinkle says i know, Yuvi says what this Kunj thinks? he doesnt know meaning of relationship, its our 5years of friendship and he wanted to break it. He says where are you going? Twinkle says we are not going home, Yuvi says i get it, you wanted to go on long drive so we can get time to spend, Twinkle says you are right, we should stay together, you have done so much for me but nobody sees your sacrifice, all thinks that i am still Kunj’s wife, nobody values you but there is one way through which we can live together forever, Yuv says should we runaway? Twinkle says running away is not solution, our families will find us anywhere, Yuvi says what should we do then? Twinkle says you cant live without me and this world wont let us live together but we can die together, Yuvi is shocked.

Scene 1
Twinkle says running away is not solution, our families will find us anywhere, Yuvi says what should we do then? Twinkle says you cant live without me and this world wont let us live together but we can die together, Yuvi is shocked and says what? what are you doing? Twinkle says you want us together and you have fulfilled my wishes so now its my time, we cant live together but can die together, Twinkle is driving fast, Yuvi says have you gone crazy? what are you doing? you cant take decisions being emotional he sees truck coming and says Twinkle slow down, truck is coming, Twinkle smirks and says i know there is truck ahead. Twinkle is approaching and is about to it but Yuvi takes her hand off steering wheel, Twinkle applies breaks just in nick of time, Yuvi says have you gone mad?
we would have died, Twinkle says i am now awake, its easy to promise about love but truth comes out when testing time comes, you failed in love once again, you never loved me, i was just trophy for you, you thought you would say that Kunj beat you and i believed you? i know very well about you and Kunj, i never doubted Kunj for minute, i dont know if Kunj has lost me or not but you have definitely lost me, there was never comparison between you and Kunj but i thought we were friends, you were always there as my best friend but today you have lost Twinkle forever, you have lost Twinkle’s friendship, good bye Yuvraj Luthra, you have lost a friend, she goes out of car and leaves, Yuvi cries,
Kunj says to Principal that for whom i came here, if that person doesnt want me in this college then its no use, he signs his resignation and says sorry for everything, he leaves. Principal says what is going on between Rocky and Twinkle? whats their story?
Kunj comes to Sarna house. Its all dark, he says it seems like everyone is asleep, its good i didnt want to celebrate in this mood. Lights are switched and everyone wishes him happy birthday, his family, friends are there. Kunj touches Usha and Babee’s feet, Babee wishes for his long life, Usha says Pallavi have arranged for this party, she has been working since morning, she is not like Twinkle, who is always hot headed and now have joined college too, Kunj says thanks its nice party, Usha says thank Pallavi, Pallavi thinks Usha aunty is making my work easy by praising me so much. Babee asks Kunj to cut cake, Kunj sees cake and recalls how Twinkle fed him cake, he mumbles Twinkle.. all are shocked. One guest says to other that Twinkle is his wife who left him but he is still drowning in misery of losing her, what a devdas. Pallavi asks Kunj to cut cake, Kunj says thanks for you coming here but i have to go, he says sorry and leaves. Usha thinks that this Twinkle is a pain even if she is here or not, dont know when my son will stop loving her.
Yuvi is in his room and says i am stupid, i thought she was going for accident but didnt know she was going to apply breaks at last minute, forget what happened, i need to buckup now, i will show her now how much i love her, its good that she broke friendship with me, its going to be only love now, he smirks.
Kunj is driving car and sadly recalls how Twinkle said that Yuvi is winning their so called competition. He comes outside Twinkle’s house and says sees Twinkle i even unconsciously comes at your your doorsteps Twinkle, what is the need now? she said herself that she doesnt need me, she doesnt even want to look at my face.
Twinkle is sitting in her room and crying silently, Main tainu Samjhawan ki plays, she recalls how she danced with Kunj in fest, how she fed him cake, she is in pain and weeps. Leela knocks Twinkle door and asks if she has come? Twinkle says leave me for sometime, Leela asks if something happened in college? Twinkle says what to tell you maa, the more i try to make way for my living, the more i get tangled in situations, wish Kunj could understand whats in my heart. Door bell rings, Leela says who has come at late night? She opens door and sees Kunj there, he says can i talk to Twinkle? just for minutes, she says try it but i dont think.. he says i know and goes in.
Yuvi comes to Twinkle’s room through window, he says Twinkle, she says you are shameless, even after so much you have come here? Yuvi says i know you are angry with me but people get angry on people whom they love, i know for fact that you love you. Twinkle says seriously? in which language should i tell you that i dont love you? just get lost. Kunj comes outside Twinkle’s door and listens them bickering. Twinkle opens door and pushes Yuvi out, she sees Kunj there and claps, she says so Mr. Sarna is there too, let me guess, you have come with a sacrificial speech to tell me to live happily ever after with Yuvi, you left me earlier too like that, you would have thought that i want to be with Yuvi when i took him from dispensary, you dont care what i am thinking, what i feel, you just make decision and leave me suddenly, one side there is yuvi who can do anything to get me and one side is you who doesnt even care about others thoughts, you both are impossible, why dont you both just leave me and give me some peace, she closes her door on their faces and cries. Kunj hugs Yuvi and says thank you, Yuvi pushes him away, Kunj says what my pleading and requests couldnt do, your stupidity did it, now soon our Tashan-e-Ishq will be just Ishq(love) only and you wont be able to do anything, Yuvi angrily stares him, Kunj says today i got to know that my wife is miffed with me but doesnt hate me, now i will do anything to make up to her, thanks for making me realize that this is only love story of Twinkle and Kunj where there is no place for you, i will make this fairy tale love story for her now. ,, he leaves.

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Pallavi is waiting for Kunj and says he must be missing me thats why he called me here. Kunj comes there and says thanks for coming, i needed my best friend to pacify Twinkle, she is stunned but says what you want? Kunj says she is angry with me but you are a girl, what should i do to pacify her? Pallavi says i know Twinkle is a strong girl so she would like a guy who is stronger than her, a macho man?
Twinkle says to Leela that man is someone who understands his woman, i hate these macho men, i want someone who is polite with me and is always there as my best friend, old Kunj was like this but new Kunj is totally changed, he is acting like macho man and all strong Rocky type, have i lost my old Kunj forever?
Kunj says are you sure Pallavi? Pallavi says i am a girl and i know girls like strong guys, the one who can control us and are little aggressive, Kunj says will twinkle like me aggressive? Pallavi says you were sweet, polite with her till now but she didnt come to you, now try being aggressive with her, she will come to you. Kunj says you are right, maybe i should change my attitude and Twinkle might like Kunj’s new style, Thanks Pallavi for being great friend, she says anything for you, he leaves. Pallavi thinks if you keep listening me like this then Twinkle will hate you and then it will be only you and me exactly as i wanted.

Scene 1
,,Leela says Yuvi called me, he loves you alot,why you are talking about Kunj? you want to talk about him? Some media people enter Leela’s house. Twinkle and Leela comes to them and asks what they want? Kunj comes there and says Twinkle i your legal husband has come to take my wife Twinkle back, i know you love me but denying it, i am saying this infront of everyone to hold my hand and come back or else i will slap you and will take you away by putting on my back, Twinkle is shocked and confused to hear it, he says you have to come with me as i wont take no today. Pallavi comes there and says Kunj you can do it,Twinkle dont you think this is most romantic thing Kunj has done.Kunj says see Twinkle everyone is seeing us, come with me else i will give my infront you here. Yuvi is
outside house and send his men inside house. Kunj says to Twinkle that everyone here wants you to come with me.Yuvi’s men say that she is your wife, just kiss her, Kunj is stunned, everyone cheer for Kunj to kiss, he smiles at Twinkle.Pallavi smirks at Yuvi. Kunj comes closer to Twinkle, he cups her face and is about to kiss her infront of all but Twinkle pushes him away and slaps him,she says what are you doing? have you gone mad? Pallavi says you have gone mad, he is going behind,pleading you for days but you are just too stubborn and is not listening to him, what you think that you can use him like slave. One woman says she is so shameless, she is not going to her inlaws house, Kunj did mistake but he is apologizing, girls like her is destroying society, Twinkle says this is my family matter,you all should leave, woman says she wont understand like this, lets teach her,she take her slipper off, all other women follow her, they are about to beat Twinkle, but Leela and Kunj comes forward and protects Twinkle, Leela says stop it,i wont allow anyone to hurt my daughter, you all leave,,
Kunj says shut up, enough, from the time i have come,i am just asking forgiveness but you are not listening,when you dont want to be with me then i am not needed here, i thought to propose you on national TV but you think everything i do is wrong that i am just a wrong person,fine then. He brings out divorce papers and signs it, he says take it Twinkle, this is last thing that kept us joined, now we dont have any relation, i lost Twinkle, i am going from your life as you wanted, now be happy, he gives her papers, he greets Leela and leaves. Twinkle is in tears and looks at divorce papers.
Media corners Kunj outside house and ask Twinkle wants to go back to her 2nd husband? Kunj says shut cameras,he break some cameras and leave. Media people say that after rejection from his wife,Rocky has lost his mental stability.
Leela asks Twinkle to drink water. Yuvi comes there and asks Twinkle how disreare you? did slipper hurt you?i wish i was there.Leela says how you know all this?Yuvi says i saw everything on TV, he was loser but now has become psycho too, Twinkle looks on.
Kunj says to Pallavi that i was looking was in wrong place for love,i was doing everything for Twinkle’s sake, Pallavi says you didnt do anything wrong Kunj, dont feel guilty for anything.
Yuvi says to Twinkle that i can never disrespect you publicly, i love you,you deserve to be respected, you did right by slapping Kunj,he dserves it. Twinkle thinks about it.
Pallavi says i think its all my fault,i gave you all these suggestions, Kunj says no, its not your fault,when relations are broken then they cant be mend again, my and Twinkle’s relation was already broken,i didnt see it or i didnt want to see it. Pallavi puts hand on his shoulder and sits beside him, she says just because a relation is broken doesnt mean you lose faith in love, trust me love can heal anything, she holds his arm and hugs him from side,she says it seems like this is hint that you should move on in life, Kunj moves away from her and looks at Twinkle’s house from window.
Yuvi is saying things to Twinkle but she is recalling Kunj’s words only, Twinkle says leave from here, whatever happened today doesnt mean you have chance now, i have no space for you in my life and my decision wont change, Yuvi says are you serious? Twinkle says leave, Twinkle goes to her room,Leela sadly looks at her divorce papers.
Twinkle comes to her room and says what i did? I lost my relationship. She says to leela that kunj came to pacify me and I misunderstood me. I have finally realised that i love him, i can’t live without him. Leela says i just wanted to listen this. Twinkle says maa i have tortured him a lot,i have lost him maa,Leela says no, if he really loves you then he will comeback to you but you will have to go out of way to pacify him, You are my lioness, you never lose, twinkle says yes i am your daughter and i am going win kunj back.
Scene 1
Its night. Pallavi meets Yuvi and says our plan worked, Kunj will be mine now, Yuvi says good for you but Twinkle didnt accept me, dont know what i have to do to get her, you have to help me this time, Pallavi says i cant help you sorry, i know i helped you earlier but I got Kunj and i cant help his enemy now, you are on your own now, thanks, she leaves. Yuvi says this girl is clever, i will get my way too one day then i will teach you lesson Pallavi to not mess with Yuvi.
Its morning, Pallavi calls Usha and asks if she took her medicine? Usha says yes, you take care of me so much, Door bell rings, Usha asks Pallavi to hold. Usha opens door and says Twinkle you here like this? Twinkle comes to Sarna house with her luggage and dressed fully like a new bridem, Usha says to Pallavi
i will call you later, she ends call. Pallavi says what she is upto now? Usha asks Twinkle what you are doing now? Twinkle says i know i did mistake but i will set everything right, can you call my husband? Usha says you are shameless, Twinkle says i know you are miffed with me but your Twinkle will make everything right. Twinkle sees kunj behind her. She goes to him and says see your twinkle is finally here, I love you kunj, i dont know why i denied your love, yesterday you came to pacify me and today i am here to win you back, lets make everything like before, lets make a life, kunj looks on with straight face and recalls how Twinkle blamed him that he wanted to humiliate her. Kunj says Maa call women welfare and tell them that there is one girl here whose husband has left her, they can take her. Twinkle says i know you are miffed, i did mistake but i will pacify you for sure. Pallavi comes there too. Kunj says there is no need for all this now, our relationship is broken so you can leave now. He asks Usha to bring his breakfast, he leaves. Usha says Twinkle go from here and dont come here again. She goes to kitchen with Pallavi. Twinkle smiles slyly.
Kunj comes to his car. One beggar comes to him and asks for something, Kunj gives money, beggar turns out to be Twinkle, Twinkle takes off veil from her face and says i dont need money but you. She says forgive me Kunj, accept me once, please, Kunj says i cant take risk of getting rejected from you again, he drives away. Twinkle says i wont leave you alone Kunj. Yuvi sees all and thinks that Twinkle is literally begging him for love, she has gone mad.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s office and says i have brought your favorite lunch, Kunj says with time favorites change, i am Rocky now and i cant eat your oily parathas now. Pallavi comes and says Kunj is right, he has to maintain his diet. Twinkle says when you love someone, you take care of every minute detail, i didnt bring any oily food but all organic food, Kunj is surprised and says okay i will eat but you have to wait, Twinkle says no problem, i waited long so i can wait little more. Twinkle goes and waits in waiting area. Kunj does work with Pallavi, Pallavi is involving him in work but he says wait. Kunj sees Twinkle is waiting area and goes to her. he says to Twinkle that lets eat. Twinkle serves him food, he eats it and coughs. Twinkle eats it and says how did spice came in it? Flashback shows Pallavi stealthily putting spice in food, fb ends. Kunj says i know you are doing all this to torture me, i told you that our relation has ended, like you needed space, i need space now. He leaves with Pallavi. Twinkle says you dont know Kunj Sarna that your wife is stubborn.
Kunj is in car with Pallavi. Twinkle comes there on her scooty and says to Kunj that say you forgive your wife, you know you cant stay away from me, please accept me back. Kunj says not everytime you decide everything, this time i am deciding things. Twinkle says you look cute when you are miffed but its hot outside. please say you forgive me. Kunj says okay i forgive you but its too late, i am getting engaged to Pallavi in two days, i proposed her. Pallavi is shocked to hear that too. Twinkle says thats not possible, when did you propose her? Kunj comes out of his car. Pallavi comes out too. Yuvi comes there too. Kunj sits on his knees infront of Pallavi and says will you marry me Pallavi? She gets elated and nods yes, she holds his hand. Twinkle is hurt seeing all this. Yuvi thinks that whole game has changed, soon i will be with Twinkle like Pallavi and Kunj and everything will be fine.
Scene 2
Usha comes to Leela with sweets and says my son has chose girl for marriage, he has chosen Pallavi as a bride and she is not like a girl who destroys family’s respect but always take care of house and everyone, i thought to share happiness with you. Twinkle comes there, Leela asks what is she saying? you went to talk to Kunj right? Twinkle says to Usha that i was your daughter in law and will remain your daughter in law, i will win you and your son, you keep trying and i will keep trying too, lets see if your hatred wins or my love wins, Usha stares her and leaves. Leela smiles in support for Twinkle.
Kunj says to Usha that you went to Leela to tell her about my proposal to Pallavi? she says yes. He says you know how much i love Twinkle. Kunj says to Usha that it was just joke, i proposed Pallavi just to make Twinkle jealous, doesnt mean that i will really get married to her, Usha says you are still talking about Twinkle even after all this? i cant allow her in my house now, Kunj says i cant give Twinkle’s place to anyone, i never saw Pallavi in that sense, its only Twinkle for me, i will go and talk to Twinkle to end this matter, he leaves. Pallavi listens all this from far and is stunned.
Yuvi is playing with candle flame, he recalls how Twinkle was begging to Kunj, he says why dont you understand Twinkle that i love you, i am alive because you are alive, my soul lives for you, you have to become mine, you have to become mine only, i got so many girls but i rejected them for you, i will get you Twinkle, he throws away candle. Pallavi comes there, Yuvi says why you are here? your reputation is at stake if Kunj sees you here, Pallavi says i wrong, Kunj proposed me just to make Twinkle jealous. Pallavi says to Yuvi that we have to do something big that Twinkle become yours and Kunj become mines in one go, Yuvi thinks.
Kunj is going when he gets Pallavi’s call, he is shocked to hear something which is muted.
Twinkle has decorated room with candles. Its dark inside room, she sees silhuette and says i knew Kunj you would come, you cant stay away from me, you love me, i love you so much. Yuvi comes forward and says i love you too babydoll. Twinkle slaps Yuvi hard, she says how dare you? dont you understand i dont love you, what is this cheap tricks? Yuvi says yes you think i am cheap and Kunj is decent guy, i got to know Kunj chose Pallavi, Twinkle says no my Kunj loves me, he said that just to make me jealous, Yuvi says but he loves his family too, he married you too because of his family, he can marry Pallavi too, Twinkle says but he started loving me, he has that love in his heart for me and he cant chose anyone else but me, Yuvi says wow Twinkle so much confidence on Kunj? why dont we go to Kunj ourselves and asks whats in his heart, if he says infront of all that he loves then i will leave your life forever, he has to say once that he loves you, he thinks that now its going to me fun, he smirks.
PRECAP- Kunj and Pallavi are in Guradvarah with family. they are ready to get married. Otherside Twinkle is walking on burning coals, Leela pleads her to get down and not do this. Twinkle says God you know my love for Kunj is true then how can you allow this? how cane he marry someone else? God please do something, she keeps walking on coals. 
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