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Is sex really an exercise? Fitness instructor clarifies


Fitness instructor, Naya, has given a detailed answer to the question of whether or not sexual intercourse really is an exercise as people say.

Most often, people defend their not hitting the gym or exercising as is required to stay healthy, with the saying that they are sexually active, hence, that is all the exercise they need. Some people also say that they walk to school, work, etc. therefore that is enough exercise for them.

Naya, speaking on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes with host, Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess, elucidated that exercising involves the brain, therefore, if someone does any form of active work without the mindset that they are actually working out, then the body does not recognize it as exercising.

She said, “Most people sometimes say that when they walk a lot, they will lose weight but that is not true. With exercising, when you wake up in the morning, you put on your training outfit and tell yourself you’re going for a walk so you know you’re going to walk as a form of exercise and your mind registers that but if you’re just walking around, you will sweat but it is not exercise because you haven’t registered in your mind that you’re exercising”.

According to the fitness instructor, this applies in the same way to sex. She noted that once it is not registered in the mind that the person is having sex specifically as a form of exercise, then the body does not recognize it as exercising and there will be no weight loss or weight gain as a result.

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