Gangaa Update on Friday 30th March 2018- Bulbul challenges Ganga that no one will support her

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Ms. D’Souza is thinking who will sing along with Bulbul tomorrow as Payal is sick. No one is ready but Ganga vouches for it. Ms. D’Souza asks her if she can sing. Teachers ask Ganga sing the national anthem but she recites Hanuman Chalisa. The teachers agree to let Ganga sing in the function tomorrow along with Bulbul. Bulbul doesn’t want to sing with this widow! She starts coughing. I wont be able to take part in tomorrow’s function. Gunwanti suggests her a few ideas but Bulbul says maybe I wont be coming to school tomorrow. Take someone else in my place. Bulbul continues to fake coughs. No girl steps forward to sing with Ganga tomorrow.

Ganga carefully looks around to make sure no one is watching her (because of her dirty clothes) while she is about to get inside the house. She watches Amma ji doing puja. She will scold me or stop me from going to school. Sagar notices her and asks her about her dress. How is it so muddied? She agrees to tell later. It will be a problem if Amma ji sees me thus. He is sure she has fought in school yet again but she reminds him that she never fights. He laughs at it. She requests him to help her. Sagar diverts his Dadi to give him more Prasad. She goes to her room to bring it while Ganga straight away runs upstairs. Amma ji gives Sagar Prasad. She notices the dirty marks on the stairs. Sagar lies that he was playing outside with his friend. She doesn’t mind it as he is a boy after all. She calls out for Mehri.

Pulkit is reading his love letter. He hears his father calling out for him and hides the letter in a book. Niru asks him about Amma ji’s Bhagvad Gita. Pulkit takes it down. The letter is hidden in that book only. NIru asks Pulkit about Independence Day practise. Amma ji is gets up to go when the letter falls from the book. Niru reads it. He asks everyone whose letter is it. Pulkit confesses that it is his. Niru points out that it is a love letter. Ganga wonders why Babu is getting so angry. Anyone can write a letter to Pulkit Bhaiya. Niru scolds Pulkit. Is this what you are studying nowadays? Who has written it? Pulkit replies that this isn’t a love letter. Niru points out at Jaanu written in the beginning. Pulkit lies that he is participating in the school play. A girl addresses me that ways. I was practising for the same. It is a romantic comedy play. Niru wonders what kind of plays is happening in schools nowadays! Sagar has no idea about Pulkit acting in a play. Ganga wonders if BHaiya was lying.

Sagar shows his project to his father. Niru likes it. Ganga says it is ok. It can be made better. Sagar regrets asking her. She points out that she only said that it can be made better. Sagar wraps his project and goes upstairs. She never likes anything that I do! Ganga turns to Babu. See how he talks to me. Niru doesn’t want to meddle in their affairs. You fight one moment and are friends very next moment. She asks him about Independence Day and he explains her everything. We hoist our national flag, sing national anthem and think of all the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives to help us gain freedom. Freedom means everyone having an equal right to make any decision. Ganga runs to help Amma ji in her puja.

Posters of MLA’s goon are being put around Niru’s locality. Another goon of MLA sees this and runs off to tell his boss. Amma ji is going somewhere when a man by mistake collides with her. She asks the guy if she cannot see properly. Someone gives something to Amma ji (that she had previously asked for). Both Amma ji and the guy couldn’t see each other’s faces but the guy is in thoughts. I have heard this voice before. Is it hers? He takes out Amma ji’s photo (of younger times). Kanta I am here! I will find you this time and I have to avenge for past. I have come!

The guy sits nearby to drink tea at a stall. He notices the poster. It can fetch a prize of 20k!

Ganga thinks of Niru’s words as she looks at Sagar’s project. She reads all the names. She sits down to make a lady who is wearing a tricoloured saree. She pastes it in the middle of India’s map that Sagar has drawn on it. She writes Bharat Mata is Sapoot. She wraps the chart. Maharaj ji comes to call Sagar for dinner. He asks her what is she doing with the chart. Sagar walks in and scolds Ganga for thinking that she is smarter than him. You think I cannot do anything on my own? Don’t touch my stuff next time. She thinks that Sagar dint even see it. Did I do a mistake?

Precap: Ganga is sleeping when she cannot get Niru’s probing questions about the attacker out of her mind. She recalls the stampede on the Ganga ghaat. She wakes up screaming, Bappa save me!
Ganga is sleeping when she cannot get Niru’s probing questions about the attacker out of her mind. She recalls the stampede on the Ganga ghaat. She wakes up screaming, Bappa save me! Amma ji gets down seeing what happened to her and Ganga hugs her. Amma ji asks her why is she scared. No one is here. You don’t have to be scared. Niru and Madhvi too come running there. Niru gives her water. Amma ji tells them what happened. Niru assures Ganga that nothing happened. Ganga tells Babu that that guy will kill her. He has a gun in his hand. She drinks water. Madhvi says it would be a bad dream. You are very brave. NIru and Madhvi leave. Amma ji too lies down to sleep. Ganga shifts her bedding near her bed.

MLA’s PA (Verma) informs MLA that Shankar is in Banaras. He wants to talk to you. I tried to tell him against it but he isn’t listening to me. MLA says tell him that I am out of town. I wont be back soon. Verma nods.

Verma calls Shankar and lies to him. Shankar knows that it’s a lie. He doesn’t want to meet me. its ok, I too am stubborn. I will meet him at any cost.

Niru is sitting lost in thoughts. Madhvi asks him about it. Niru thinks that Ganga’s dream is somehow surely related to reality. She recognized that man from the sketch a little. She also said that he had a gun with him. She got scared in dreams and was talking about a guy with a gun in his hand. Madhvi says it might be but she might be stressed after all your questions. Niru is sure there is something. She knows or has seen that man somewhere but doesn’t remember it exactly.

Next morning, Ganga is getting ready to go to the school. Everyone gets ready to go to school with the kids. Ganga wishes them best of luck. Niru is impressed. You are learning things very fast. Are you doing something today? She tells them that she will be singing national anthem. Sagar gives them small Indian flags to pin on the dress. Ganga politely declines to put it as it has colours in it. Niru explains that it is the representing symbol of our country. It is our responsibility to respect national flag, even if the person is from any caste, religion or anything. Ganga gets glad that Amma ji too will put it. Sagar nods and pins it on her saree. Niru asks Ganga if the guardians of Ganga aren’t called in her school. Sagar denies. There is nothing happening there. I am participating. Niru still wants to go for a while but Ganga assures them that she will go. Sagar teases her by asking her if she will get scared like yester night. They all leave for their destinations.

Ganga finds Reena sitting on her parents shop. She is not coming today. Her parents want her to help them in the shop. Reena works very hard at shop. At times I don’t even get a chance to study. Ganga explains them that studies are very important. All the girls should study. I too took admission for the very same reason. one day I will become a big person like Babu. It will be such a great thing if she becomes something good and earns money. They nod but add that there will be no studies today. Ganga tells them what Babu had told them. so many people sacrificed their lives so we could live freely. It is equally important to go today as we celebrate this day in their honour. Reena’s parents understand Ganga’s logic. She sits down to help Reena. They both finish the work together and Reena joins Ganga for school. The girls leave. Reena’s mother is impressed with Ganga. She is so young yet so smart.

Sagar’s school is completely decorated for the event.

Bulbul has plans after school as she doesn’t want to get bored. Reena and Ganga too decide to go near Sagar’s school.

The chief guest (MLA and his group) arrives at Sagar’s school. MLA looks pointedly at Niru as he heads towards the stage. Pulkit and his girlfriend steal glances at each other.

Principal joins the kids for the functions. It is time for flag hoisting.

Flag hoisting happens in Sagar’s school too. Everyone salutes the flag and sings national anthem.

Flag hoisting takes place in Ganga’s school too. The girls too salute at it. it is time for national anthem. Ganga steps forward. Bulbul is happy thinking that Ganga will be singing alone. No one will sing with her. Ganga too thinks of the same. Reena thinks of how Ganga helped her. She steps forward and sings along with Ganga. Bulbul and her gang eye them unhappily.

Precap: Principal explains the kids about the significance of the day. Ganga can see that they base where the flag has been put is bobbing. The flag is about to fall but she holds the pole in time.


Ganga 17th August 2015 Written Episode

At Sagar’s school, the kids submit their presentations.

Chaturvedi family wishes good luck to Sagar.

Ganga thanks Reena for singing with her. Principal explains the kids about the significance of the day. Ganga looks at the flag and thinks of Babu’s words. She salutes the flag once again. She can see that the base where the flag has been put is bobbing. The flag is about to fall but she holds the pole in time. Everyone looks at her in surprise. All the teachers rush to help her. They put the flag back in its place.

The lady chief guest recites a few lines of a patriotic poem.

Principal ma’am applauds Ganga for the respect that she has for their flag. She has become an example for everyone. The kids and teachers clap for Ganga. Ganga smiles. Gunwanti too appreciates Ganga. Bulbul isn’t happy. Teachers distribute sweets to all the girls. Ganga gets two laddoos. Reena is concerned for Ganga. Ganga gives her both the laddoos as she cannot eat them. Will you come with me to the other school? Ganga nods. It is Sagar’s school after all.

There are dance performances happening in Sagar’s school. Yash does a solo dance. Ganga and Reena watch it from a distance. Prabha shouts out loud for her son. You did a fab job! He got this talent from me. Yash is not happy to notice Ganga there. It is time to see the presentations that the kids have made. Chandar is sure he will win this time. MLA whispers something in one of his guy’s ears. Ganga is sure Sagar will win. But I added something in his presentation. What if it ruins it? Please don’t make him lose. Sagar wins. He is confused to see his presentation though as he dint adds the lady in the centre. Who made this? Ganga is really happy for him and so is Chaturvedi family. Ganga tells Reena that this is her Sagar. MLA gives trophy to Sagar. Amma ji gets up from her chair in excitement. Niru makes her sit. Sgaar is surprised to see Ganga standing there. He shows her his trophy as he understands that he won because of her. The same guy comes there too. Verma points it out to MLA. The guy looks at Amma ji / Kanta’s photo again. Come soon. I have loads of work. I have to find Kanta in this big city!

Amma ji kisses Sagar’s forehead lovingly. The man walks past her but neither of them notices each other. Amma ji certainly feels something but doesn’t get to see him. MLA meets that man at a corner. The guy knows MLA’s lies too well so he came here directly. MLA replies that he cannot talk here. We will meet later. The guy leaves but only after warning him that he wont go back from here without meeting him. Amma ji and the guy don’t see each other yet again. The lady chief guest leaves. Principal announces inter school competition that is due after 2 weeks. All the schools from Banaras will participate in it. Please register your names with your teachers if you want to participate!

Sagar gives his trophy to Ganga. She shows it to Reena. I was just praying that you too only should win. Congratulations! She introduces him to Reena. He is sad thinking that she is her friend while he is nothing. Madhvi and Amma ji too join them.

MLA greets Niru. Pulkit observes them talking and thinks that they have become friends. MLA asks Niru why he is so interested in such an ordinary case. NIru asks him the same question. Why do you talk to me about this case every time we meet? Niru promises to find out what is in this case that a MLA is so much interested in it. I will have to fight against your BIL but. You know my style of working. I don’t sit at peace while I find the problem!

Everyone is in the car waiting for Niru. Sagar asks her if she enjoyed in the school. She affirms. I had lots of fun. You stand out in the crowd. I was so proud when you won that trophy. Amma ji notices that man standing nearby. She is in for a shock. He is the same guy, right? It cannot be! Maybe I am imagining it.

Precap: Madhvi is in the market. She is talking to Maharaj ji about something when that guy comes there. He shows Amma ji’s photo to the vegetable seller asking him if he recognizes her. Madhvi glances upon it too by chance. The guy leaves by then.

Babli congratulates Sagar for winning again. Amma ji is lost thinking about the man. Did I see him only or did I imagine it? Everyone notices her lost in thoughts. Maharaj ji brings sweets. Sagar shows him the trophy too. I dint do it all thought. Ganga joins them. She brings water for Amma ji. Maharaj ji congratulates Sagar. Ganga was putting something in your presentation. I thought maybe she might ruin it. Sagar confirms with Ganga if she did it. She nods. Niru and Madhvi talk in favour of Ganga too. Niru realises now why Sagar was so confused seeing his own presentation. It is all Ganga’s hard work. Ganga thinks that everyone is praising her but Sagar will certainly fight me. He surprises her by saying sorry to her. I wont because of you. This trophy should be yours. Ganga denies but he points out that it is theirs. We will share it. Ganga holds the trophy along with him. Everyone looks on happily.

Pulkit compliments Ganga for making Sagar’s collage all the more better. Sagar says I will win in inter school competition too, that too without your help. Niru comes there. He calls out for Ganga. Pulkit hides his phone. Niru gives a notebook to Ganga. She sweetly says thank you to him. Sagar gets his atlas too. Niru tells Sagar to prepare his best but it isn’t wrong to take Ganga’s help. She might have some great idea which can help you. You can find out a lot many new things by discussing it with one another. He suddenly realises that Pulkit was going to participate in a romantic comedy play. It dint happy. Pulkit lies that his partner fell ill so they had to cancel it. It was at the last minute. Niru gets a call from Raghav ji so he leaves. Sagar thinks why his brother lied again. Ganga asks Sagar if her school too will get to participate in that competition. He nods. Your school too would have got the registration form. She wonders as to who will participate in it when no one was even ready to sing the national anthem.

At night, Amma ji is yet again thinking about that man. She doesn’t pay heed to what Babli says. Ganga gives her medicines. She asks Babli what she is reading. Babli reads a poem for her Rabindra Nath Tagore’s). Ganga looks at her in confusion as she dint understand a word of it. Babli shares that one should continue moving ahead in life even if you have someone by your side or not. You should never stop. Amma ji announces that it is time to sleep.

Next day, everyone laughs at Ganga when she tells them that she too wants to participate in the inter school competition. The other teachers too mock her. Their school have never won in years so no one calls them. How will you go? Gunwanti hopes it would come true. Ganga gives her hope. We can win now atleast. Gunwanti reasons that they can only think about winning if someone calls them in the first place. They all go out for prayers. Ganga makes up her mind to participate. I will have to get the invitation for my school anyhow!

The man shows a young Amma ji’s photo to the people in the market. Madhvi too is in the market. She is talking to Maharaj ji about something when that guy comes there. He shows Amma ji’s photo to the vegetable seller asking him if he recognizes her. Madhvi glances upon it too by chance. The guy leaves by then. This face looked similar. I wonder whose photo it was! I couldn’t see it clearly.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s school. She requests the guard to let her in. I want to meet Principal Sir. He knows me. The guard declines. Even the peon cannot help her. She notices Yash and requests him to let her go in. Yash tells the guard and peon not to let her in or Sir will fire you both. Ganga reasons that she will only talk to sir and leave. Why will they fire them? Please let me in Chacha. Sagar too comes there. She tells him what she has come for. Please help me. Sagar requests them but they cannot let anyone inside without checking their ID Cards. Ganga shows them her school’s ID card but still doesn’t get to enter as it is of some other school. She threatens the peon now that he will lose his job if he doesn’t allow her in. I am from my school for some important work. I am not here for fun. Is it also a rule that kids from other school cannot come inside for important work too? My Principal Ma’am will complain to Sir then. You both will get punished. Plus Yash too will get punished. Show my Card to Sir. If he agrees then call me inside. I will go back if he says no but I wont budge from here till he says something. Go inside now. (I love this girl!  ) Peon leaves. Sagar calls her hero. Yash is sure Sir wont call her in. Right then Peon returns. Come inside girl! Ganga points out that her name is written in the Card. Why are you calling me ‘a girl’? Open the door then only will I come. Peon takes her inside.

Principal agrees to let Ganga participate in the competition. I know you wont return till I allow you. He gives her the form. She is thrilled. He shares that all schools can take part. Your school was never inclined for it. Ganga thanks him and leaves. My school will also participate this time!

Sagar asks Ganga what she will do. She wants to sing. He replies that she will definitely lose then. You sing real bad! Ganga retorts that she doesn’t sing that bad. She asks him if she can write essay then. He recalls the precious essay that she had written on ‘my family’. That was good for in-house only. Niru and Madhvi stop to hear their convo. Sagar tells Niru and Madhvi about what Ganga did today. Niru happily nods. Now Ganga too will take part in the competition. Ganga is happy as Babu is happy. Principal Sir also agreed. Niru nods. Ganga will also participate and win. Epi ends on Ganga’s happy face.

Precap: Bulbul challenges Ganga that no one will support her. Reena tells Bulbul that she is with Ganga. Bulbul isn’t much bothered as no other girl will side with Ganga. Ganga tells her clearly that she will make a dance group along with other girls.

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