Gangaa Episode 61–62 Update on Wednesday 21st February 2018

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Niranjan checks Pulkit’s (fake) result. The marks are a little too high. Is this your mark sheet? Amma ji is on cloud nine. Pulkit has brought such good marks for the first time. Madhvi nods. He was always studying all the time. Niranjan trusts him but is certainly pleasantly surprised. He hugs his son happily. I am so proud of you. it is a day of double celebration. There should be a party. Everyone agrees. Niranjan wants to share the news with Mr Sharma. My son is also intelligent. He tells Pulkit to invite all his friends. It will be a grand celebration.
Madhvi gives instructions to Maharaj ji about the party tonight. Maid is excited about the party but Maharaj ji is worried about Ganga. No one knows that she is not at home. No one knew that she had gone to Sagar’s school. Maid tells him to let it be. She anyways has no work. Ganga returns home with a peon. He confirms about her address. She entered inside the school without permission. Watchman found him but dint give her to police. Explain her well. She should not be doing this again. he leaves. Maid taunts Ganga for the same. Maharaj ji tries to ask Ganga what happened but she just sits sadly in a corner. Ganga looks at her hands. She thinks of Sagar’s words on stage.
The house is getting decorated for the night. Everyone is busy in their respective works. Amma ji tells Ganga a little rudely to do her work. Madhvi notices Ganga’s sad face. She asks Maharaj ji about it. why is she so quiet? Maharaj ji doesn’t share anything with her. you should get ready. The guests will come any minute. She heads to her room. Maharaj ji sits next to Ganga. You are quiet since you are home. Will you tell me anything? She asks about Sagar. Maharaj ji says he must be getting ready in his room. Ganga wants to ask him something. She rushes upstairs.
Pulkit has not called any of his friends. He lies to Sagar that they are all jealous of him. Madhvi calls out to him. Your friends are here. Sagar begins to go out of the room when Ganga holds Sagar’s hand. I want to talk to you. he shakes her hand off and walks away. Pulkit too goes downstairs. Ganga wants to know why Sagar dint take her name when she is his friend.
All the guests, kids are home. Prabha and Ratan too come home. Niranjan makes Pulkit meet his friend (Mr. Sharma). Prabha complains to Ratan for not organizing such a party for her son. he reasons that Prince has never got such good marks. Prabha cannot stop complaining though!
Omkar is looking at a lady. Sagar’s friends want to see his trophy. Omkar sends him upstairs to bring it. He sends the other kids after Sagar. He eyes the lady lustily.
Ganga has fallen asleep in Sagar’s room. He comes in his room to take his trophy. He wakes her up. She wants to talk to him but he is not interested. He tells her to hide when he hears his friends coming there. He forcefully makes her hide in the cupboard. She is reluctant but he closes the cupboard from outside. Don’t come out till I tell you to! His friends come there. They check out his trophy. Ganga peeks out from the cupboard. Shruti compliments Sagar on his room. She has her own room. I don’t share it with anyone. Ganga watches Sagar talking nicely to his friends. They head downstairs. Sagar opens the cupboard once they are gone. Ganga questions Sagar as to why he dint make her meet his friends. You could have told them that I am Ganga, your friend. You dint even take me to your school to see your drama. Sagar refuses outright. How could I do so? You are not my friend! How can we be friends? We are different. You cannot read or write. What would I have said to my friends? Friendship happens amongst equals. I was born in this big house. My papa is a big lawyer and you are not even from this house. You are! She wants to know what he was trying to say. He says you are only Ganga! Just Ganga! She is deeply hurt by his words.She again holds his hand when he turns to go. Amma ji must have told you that I ma not your friend. He declines yet she knows it well. She doesn’t like me at all. She thinks of me only as a maid. He explains that papa brought her home. I started talking to you and playing with you. this is not how we become friends! Don’t cry. We will still play together. you can even hold my hand if you are scared. She asks him if he is ashamed of calling her his friend before his other friends. He nods. You don’t even know hindi properly, forget English. You call everyone differently. My friends will make fun of me if I make you my friend. You cannot be my friend, you are only Ganga. Just Ganga! He goes from there.
Ganga is in tears. She thinks of how she had come here (as Sagar’s friend); his nice words. She cries her heart out. all the past and latest memories flash before her eyes.

Sagar joins his friends downstairs. They have been waiting for him. he says I wasn’t doing anything. Maharaj ji guves juice to them. He asks about Ganga. Sagar has no clue. Niranjan discusses about Pulkit’s future. He wants him to be admitted in the best school now. Pulkit gets tensed. All my friends are in that school. Niranjan reasons that he can make new friends there. It is important to focus in studies and careers too when everything is going good. Mr. Sharma appreciates Niranjan’s outlook towards life / education. Amma ji and Madhvi are happy to see Niranjan so happy after so long.
Maharaj ji finds Ganga sitting near the staircase. He asks her to come downstairs. See how everyone is enjoying. He notices that she has been crying. You are so brave. Why are you crying? She doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Please go. He leaves reluctantly.
Pulkit gets a call from his friend. He goes aside to pick it. they are unhappy that he dint call them in party. Pulkit says my father wants me to get admitted in the top school in Banaras because of fake mark sheet. I wont get admission with it. Papa is making big plans. I don’t know what I should be doing!
A guy introduces himself to Niranjan and Mr. Sharma. He is Mr. Verma, MLA’s secretary. He has been wanting to meet NIranjan since long. Mr. Verma and Niranjan exchange pleasantries. Mr. Verma wants NIranjan to handle his case. Niranjan doesn’t want to talk about work today. he politely tells him about it. you can come anytime to office. Mr. Verma nods. You can ask for my help in case you want something regarding admission. Mr. Sharma tells Mr. Verma that Niranjan is a very honest guy. Mr. Verma wants to find out NIranjan’s loophole.
Prabha insists Ratan to give a similar birthday bash on Prince’s birthday. Raman declines. mr. Verma overhears their convo. He talks to Ratan about his government job. You don’t get anything in life by that. Ratan doesn’t mind facing troubles in life. He excuses himself but Prabha is certainly tempted. She tells Mr. Verma that her husband is very simple. The time is not good. Anyone can fool anyone. Mr. Verma is impressed. He gives her his card. Prabha gladly takes it. She has to go as Mrs. Pandey is calling for her.
Omkar cannot take his eyes off that lady. He walks past her, pretends to talk to someone on phone and intentionally touches her with his shoulder. Mr. Verma observes him thus. Ratan too was standing nearby but someone calls out for him. Omkar gets shocked seeing Mr. Verma standing there watching him. Omkar moves aside. Mr. Verma has got his soft nerve. He also knows his background. They know each other from before. Omkar says I have pushed my car. It will reach its destination real soon. this is not the place to discuss all this here.
Bappa asks Ganga if she is this weak. He sits down next to her. I know my Ganga has been hurt but your Bappa cannot see tears in your eyes. She tells him about what Sagar had said to her. he doesn’t like my way of talking, my clothes, me. What should I do? Bappa says there are many things in life which hurt us but it doesn’t mean that we should cry. We cannot find any solution that ways. Think through, face the problems bravely. Sagar doesn’t like introducing you to his friends or doesn’t even want to talk to you. it is because you cannot read or write or study. My daughter can do anything if she puts her heart to it. I am sure you will one day speak fluent English. She is scared about master ji beating her or she flunking in the exam. He reasons that the fear inside us makes us weak. You will have to get it out of your mind. Imagine any worst scenario that you can and overcome it. he kisses her on the forehead. Remember what I had said? Your one palm is confidence and the other is your hope. The whole world is yours when it is together. she makes the same angle with her hands (to look at the moon). Her Bappa is gone by then. She gets happy. now I wont be scared of anything. I will study diligently.
Next morning, Sagar goes out to play with his friends. He is getting bored at home. I have no one to play whit. Madhvi talks about Ganga but Sagar makes faces. Omkar and Amma supports Sagar. He should play with kids from his age group. Sagar heads towards the main door with Ganga following her. she stands in his way. He refuses to play with her but she knows it already. I am not your friends, I am a maid. We aren’t equals. I am not as intelligent as your friends, have not such a big house and cannot even speak in English. But I will become better than you and your friends one day. Now I will study hard and become a big person like Babu. That day no one will feel ashamed to talk to me. I will prove it to you Sagar. I will become a better (famous) person than you. Babu will be proud of me. Now you wait and watch! I will become equal to you. She walks away. Sagar is in thoughts.
Mr. Verma has called Raghav ji n number of times. He wants to meet Niranjan for some urgent work. Ganga comes to talk to Niranjan. Niranjan is talking on phone. He ends the call when Ganga tells him that she wants to study. I made a mistake. I dint know its importance earlier but now I have realised how much necessary it is. He confirms with her again. Do you think it is some joke? You cannot say yes and no as per your wish. I cannot support you in your childishness. You are not serious about studies. Why waste my money when you aren’t interested? I cannot waste any more time on you. She tries to say something but he cannot trust her. What if you insult master ji again? I don’t want to see a nice person getting insulted before my own eyes!
Precap: Maharaj ji and Maid are making laddoos. He wants to eat one but Maharaj ji tells him to go and play with Ganga. He tells them that he has many friends. He doesn’t need Ganga. Amma ji and Omkar look at Ganga (peeking from behind the pillar).

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