Francis Anabor, the billionaire from Edo State: A Biography of His Life, Rise, and Fall

What happened to Francis Anabor Godwin and who is he?

In the once-booming metropolis of Edo State, he was regarded as a billionaire. He became well-known for his opulent lifestyle, his philanthropic work, and his influence on society.

With his recent fall, Goddy Anabor, as he is lovingly known, is currently employed as a cab driver.

Francis Ana or went into further detail about the regrettable events that ultimately led to his demise in a recent interview. He was a prosperous businessman in the nation who diversified his company into other markets.

He claimed to have spent a significant portion of his wealth in enterprises, however the companies failed and lost money as a result of the leaders’ corruption and poor management.

Who is the spouse of Francis Anabor?

Francis Anabor had two marriages during his lifetime. Toyin is the name of his first ex-wife. However, a few years later, they split up for private reasons.

He met Anthonia, his second wife, at the police station. She was a sergeant and shared a long-term residence with Francis.

2008 marked Francis’s divorce from his first spouse and the start of his decline as a businessman. Many believe that Francis Anabor’s terrible demise was caused by his close pals defrauding him in both life and business.

He and his wife Anthonia have four children together.

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