Allegations of bribery impact NPP Parliamentary primaries

Dr. Victor Kwasi Amandu, an academic and member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, has charged that certain party national leaders are manipulating the election procedures in the party’s impending parliamentary primaries.

Allegations of bribery impact NPP Parliamentary primaries
Allegations of bribery impact NPP Parliamentary primaries

He claims that certain executives’ positions, such as that of General Secretary Justin Kodua, give the impression that certain seats are up for grabs.

The academic warned in a statement that the executives’ actions will continue to undermine democratic procedures inside the party if they are not held accountable.

There are worries that certain NPP national executives, like as General Secretary Justin Kodua Frimpong, have participated in actions that have weakened the electoral process. There have been allegations of egregious hubris and seats being effectively offered “for sale.”

“If verified, this behavior might have disastrous effects for the NPP’s democratic procedures, particularly given the party’s goal of ending the eight-year governing cycle. The National Executive Committee and National Council should conduct a careful inquiry and exercise prudence in light of the seriousness of the accusations, he wrote, adding that it is imperative to handle such claims with caution.

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