Dome Kwabenya NDC On time bomb ; As Constituency Chairman Fingered

Fellow Comrades and Akatamansonians, as we all had alluded earlier, that the immediate past constituency chairman, Mr. Ampah and chairman *Basit both failed to lived up to expectations in view of how they* discharged *their* duties for dome kwabenya NDC during his reign as Chairman.

Happily i have eaten a humble - pie and I can say with outmost authority and equivocation that he has the best chairman for Dome kwabenya constituency, judging from recent posturing of the current Chairman, and his cohorts.

The new Constituency Chairman, Mr. Lamptey without mincing words and no apology is a disaster to the NDC faithfuls and sympathizers in the Kwabenya constituency, of the greater Accra region.

From my singular perspective he is on a mission to deepen the cracks and also stoke fire amongst the NDC in Dome Kwabenya.

It does also appears that, the current elected executives are allowing the chairman to Autocratically run the affairs of the party, in the constituency without due recourse to laid down rules and regulations governing the structures in the party, and this is very dangerous for the fortunes of the party ahead of 2020.

My humble observation is that , if Chairman Lamptey fails to live up to expectations; we all have fail, and that ought to be noted without ambiguity.

As leading members of good standing, and immediate past council of elders and kingpin's of the party, some of us cannot sit aloof and watch the party suffer ineffective and structural deficits in Dome kwabenya politics of the NDC ; hence my cry.

There is looming danger at Dome kwabenya, and the question is must we sit and watch Mr Lamptey runs amok and engage in misplace priorities in the party?

About 40% of the branches are not active and i wonder what the chairman is doing to avert that situation,because a chuck of the support base of the party is largely dependent on how active and vibrant the wards function.

Similar am tasking discerning members should drill him on his last visit he to any of the branches and wards , since he won the chairmanship race?

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For me am not against the candidature of any of the Presidential aspirants, but I feared why he is openly endorsing some candidates publicly ahead of others when he can opt to do so on the quiet ?

With this attitude, it baffles me and wandered Why chairman Lamptey of all people, keeps fighting those who don't support his dictatorship and parochial means?

On this premise, I am calling on the National and Regional executives to step in and resolve this growing acrimony before it degenerate into something nasty before the impending Presidential elections, and by extension the National Polls in 2020.

Am very much concern because we need every vote in the national election, and Dome kwabenya is enviably a key stakeholder in that regard.

Once again , the constituency chairman and some of his praise- singers are sowing seeds of discontent, and if the rank and file despise wise counsel, the party will collapse giving the upper hand to our closet rivals ; the NPP, and that should not allow to fester without any stretch of imagination.

Elections 2020 is a must win and boot- for - boot.

I will forever remain a watchman in the party and expose wrongdoings by people who have decided to take the party as their birthed - property.

Source: Hadji Mustaphar


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