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The NDC is entirely and exclusively interested or concerned with the developments of potential infrastructure that we have as a nation. Even though we have not developed enough as a nation the NDC as a party, since 1992 Ghana started the practice democracy have made this country proud, From  the era of Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, prof. Evans Atta mills and John Dramani Mahama.

There only way to prove my point is to say that most of the NPP governments appointees are not in charge of their ideas and policies, most of their ideas and policies come unto their minds without them having thought about it critically.

They unconsciously pick up what the people around them think, what is on television or news item globally or they absorb ideas from the families they were raised in
They are products of force they do not choose or plan for having consider if it will suit our nation or not, they reflect those forces without understanding them, they have to start learning from the NDC to
enable them to start to take charge of the ideas that runs this nation positively
How can u kill your local industries with taxes without producing?

The local markets, banks, companies, micro finance and many more are all folding up because of high taxes in doing business at home (Ghana), they are always doing the opposite part of economics, how can u increase fuel over 120% without increasing salaries.

My humble question is who is doing the thinking for the government of the
day? The level of unemployment keep raising just because of the new trend for which companies are collapsing, almost everything is in crises in today’s Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.

Free SHS was constitutionally and mandatory, but not at all cost for this nation today as we have seen. It has been implemented yet it’s in serious crises with a huge gab of infrastructural difficulties Cedi’s and fuel crises are head to head, electricity and water tariffs also competing, import duties and  taxes also on the rise these are just a few to mention.

Playback: then candidate Akufo Addo there is hardship and buffering everywhere in Ghana today. Once referred to as Gold Cost Ghana, a nation blessed with an Abundance of human and natural resources is now drenched in poverty Level never witnessed before in our history, bad leadership is the reason for the suffering Ghanaians are
currently going through.

Hmmmmm Today it’s worse than before
Ghanaians are witnessing super corruption, luck of direction and critical thinkers to move our nation forward which is at the square root of bad governance, policies and leadership. Grammar can’t rule Ghana, vision is our local brand.

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