The man who knows best

The man who understands how to reward loyalty

He plays like a man

He hits like a man

Who and what he want come from being strong classy and fabulous

He takes heed when he speaks his mind

He is tough understands and brave man

He have a non-stop multitask fixation like a man everything about him is hidden

He is empowering his moment,endorsing him with a certain sorta mystique

He deliver an independent  will,dont ever underestimate his physique

He is a caregiver,a male who wont give up the fight

He remains firm and belive all men have equal rights

He walk the talk like a real man

He frown ,he cries - he hurt and yell at the universe

Nevertheless he makes the difference like a man

A smile -never seen or felt before both defined and undefined

His heart will ask and implore for more

The realan of the moment

His self-confidence comes from who he is deep inside

At the end of every day he have one other thing he use to say:

My name is BABA JAMAL

The man of the moment!!

I salute the man of the moment

I salute the NDC comerades of the moment


Vote for VICTORY!!

Together it a must win 2020

Written by : Hon Hadji Mustaphar

(Inspiring NDC candidate for dome kwabenya)

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