I used to pay for movie roles – Gifty Adrah

I used to pay for movie roles – Gifty Adrah

Actress Gifty Adrah has recounted her journey into Ghana’s movie industry, hinting that it has not been an easy one from the beginning because she used to pay for roles.

According to her, she was at a point paying some production houses to be cast in their movies instead of them paying to feature her. She had to do that till she got some recognition in the industry. Now, she gets paid for acting and not the other way round.

Gifty made the revelation in an interview with NEWS-ONE on Tuesday but didn’t disclose the names of the production houses or persons involved.

“The journey has not been easy. You know nothing good comes easily. I sometimes go for auditions and you will have to pay them before you get a role and sometimes you will be asked to sleep with them, which never happened. But so far, I can say the journey has been great, it has challenged me in so many ways,” she narrated.

“From the beginning, it wasn’t financially rewarding because I had to be paying for someone to cast me but as it is now I don’t need to pay but rather I get paid for it, but when we talk about the passion the money matters don’t really count because my talent will pave way for me and I’m happy I get to eat from my talent,” the actress added.


Money for movie roles appears to be the latest alternative to sex for roles menace in the movie industry which society has always criticised movie producers for. If a ‘wannabe’ actress can’t afford to have sex, then it appears she has to pay money, and Gifty appears to be a victim.

Gifty, 26, is an actress and model. She has been in showbiz for over five years and featured in couple of movies. She is also about starting her own TV show. Among her movies are ‘Facebook’, ‘Ugly Bargain’, ‘Family Secret’ and Yvonne Nelson’s produced series, ‘Heels & Sneakers’.

From Anloga in the Volta Region, she had her basic education at Good Shepherd School and then to Anloga Secondary School. She later went to IPMC to study software engineering.

“So many advances have been made to me but when it comes up like that, I had to use maturity and turn their minds to be my friends, not all accept it, some end up not casting me but those who get to know how unique friendship is, stay in their limit. I heard some producers sleep with girls and end up not casting them. I believe that if I’m fit for the role then I will have it but if I’m not then I don’t need to sleep with a producer or director to get it,” she concluded.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com


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